Janelle Brown Gets NO Help From Husband Kody With RV Maintenance

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It must be hard juggling four wives, especially when they all live in different places. Sister Wives polygamist Kody Brown seems to be neglecting his ‘honey-do’ lists from wives Janelle, Christine, Meri, and Robyn. Kody certainly hasn’t been much help when it comes to RV maintenance for Janelle Brown. 

Janelle Brown Tired of RV Life? 

Janelle Brown has been living off the land in an RV for just over two months. In a new post to her Instagram, she opens up about the difficulty of living in the trailer when the seasons change and winter hits. People may be surprised to know that it does get chilly and snow in Flagstaff, Arizona. 

Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram
Credit: Janelle Brown/Instagram

In a lengthy post about adjusting to the lack of amenities in the RV, Janelle reveals that she won’t ride out the cold weather in the RV. Could the absence of maintenance help from Kody Brown make the RV unsuitable for colder climates? 

Kody Brown Doesn’t Lift a Finger to Help With RV Maintenance 

A few weeks ago, Kody’s second wife purchased new showerheads for her RV. She wrote that she would get Kody to help her install them. However, that seems to be about the extent of his handyman skills. Screen Rant reports that Kody doesn’t help Janelle with the RV repairs. 

Is Kody Brown unskilled in maintenance or does he simply think he is above physical labor? A recent deep-dive into his finances reveals that Kody makes most of his money through the TLC show. He’s also recently joined Cameo for extra income. So, perhaps Kody simply doesn’t want to do the repairs for free. 

Janelle Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube
Janelle Brown and Kody Brown via YouTube

So, Who Does Help Janelle With RV Repairs?

If Kody Brown isn’t helping Janelle keep the RV in tip-top shape, who is? She recently took to her Instagram to give a shout-out to a local repairman she hired to help with the RV. Janelle also thanked fans who suggested that she find a repairman. 

So far, the handyman has improved the RV’s electrical capacity, as well as the water and sewer system, per Screen Rant. Janelle did mention in her recent Instagram post that her housing plans are “delayed,” but she didn’t elaborate. Is she hinting that her husband may finally be starting the Coyote Pass project to bring all four wives onto the same land? 

If that’s what she meant, is it a little too late? Christine Brown is in the process of selling her home and is rumored to be moving back to Utah. Meri is currently on vacation in Mexico, but also splits her time between Arizona and her bed-and-breakfast in Utah. Robyn Brown is the only wife to have a stable relationship with Kody Brown. 

Does it surprise you to learn that Kody isn’t helping Janelle Brown with the RV maintenance? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

The Brown family will return to TLC with Season 16 later this year. Click here to read more about the new season. Don’t forget to bookmark TV Shows Ace for updates on the Sister Wives stars. 

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  1. Just saying we all know that Robin is his whole life now!! The first wives are letting this go on for some unknown reason. Yes, Robin does have little ones and just wondering when he had all his kids around did he hole up with one wife? He’s goal in life seems to some how made Christine, and Meri less depending and moving on. It doesn’t take a psychic to see the story changing right in front of us. His needs come for himself, selfish, even Robin (his one and only) is second in his MACHO attitude. I’m just saying 🙂 🙂

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