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‘Jeopardy!’ Host Mayim Bialik’s 2022 Net Worth Revealed

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Jeopardy! host, and actress Mayim Bialik has been performing professionally since she was a young lady. She has appeared in films such as Beaches. Then she went on to helm her own series Blossom before heading off to university and obtaining a PhD. She finally made a big return to acting as Amy Farrah Fowler in The Big Bang Theory. Now, she is one of the hosts of Jeopardy! and the star of the hit Fox series, Call Me Kat. Along with this, she also hosts a weekly podcast. So, with all of her different jobs and long career, one might wonder how much the mother of two is worth. Here is the answer.

Mayim Bialik’s 2022 Net Worth

Currently, Mayim is hosting a podcast, hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! until she takes over Jeopardy!, and starring in Call Me Kat. So, with all of her endeavors, what is her 2022 net worth? According to Distractify, her net worth is 25 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. Apparently, she made 420K for her early The Big Bang Theory seasons. However, she received a pay increase to 450K for the last two seasons. This came after the main cast took a pay decrease so she and Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) could garner a bigger check. Those last two years garnered Mayim around 20 million dollars.

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As for Call Me Kat, Mayim is not just the star but an Executive Producer. The series is now in its third season on Fox. Plus, she landed the co-hosting duties on Jeopardy! now that Alex Trebek has passed. They tried out rotating hosts and ended up with champion contestant Ken Jennings. He will host until January with Mayim taking over from there. Plus, she is currently hosting Celebrity Jeopardy! which airs every Sunday evening.

A Variety Of Passions

Though Mayim Bialik can do comedy in an amazing fashion, she is also an incredible intellect. She went to UCLA where she completed her undergrad studies. Then, she went on to get her PhD. She ultimately wrote a handful of successful books but did return to acting, playing Jim Parson’s girlfriend on The Big Bang Theory. For almost two years now, she has hosted her own podcast on mental health called Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown.

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Some of her guests have included Alanis Morissette, Molly Ringwald, and Candace Cameron Bure. Bialik has over 1 million followers on YouTube so she has quite the following. All of this just further contributes to her supposed 25 million dollar net worth. Are you surprised this is how much she is worth? Would you think she is worth more?

Let us know in the comments and watch Mayim Sundays on Celebrity Jeopardy! Plus, watch Call Me Kat every Thursday on Fox.


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