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Mayim Bialik Reunites With Kevin Sussman On ‘Call Me Kat’


The Big Bang Theory introduced fans to several unique characters. From the highly intelligent and childish Sheldon to the love-struck Leonard and the nerdy Amy (Mayim Bialik), each character left a mark on the viewers. One such unique character from the show was Stuart Bloom played by Kevin Sussman. The Big Bang Theory ended with Season 12 on May 16, 2019. Ever since fans have been waiting for the characters to reunite on screen. Finally, the time has come.

TBBT Star Kevin Sussman Has A Guest Appearance On Call Me Cat

Although there is no news of a reunion of the entire cast, Mayim Bialik and Kevin Sussman are definitely back together on screen. Call Me Kat Season 3 is slated to premiere on September 29, 2022. As confirmed by Deadline, Kevin Sussman is reuniting with his TBBT co-star Mayim Bialik on the set of Call Me Kat in a guest appearance.

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He will be a part of Episode 30 which is slated to air on October 20, 2022. Sussman will portray the character Zac who is a local board game bar owner. This is where Carter and Max find themselves gouging the competition.

Mayim Bialik’s Character Kat Explores Motherhood In Season 3

The upcoming season of Call Me Kat picks up on Kat (Bialik) after she decides to take some leisure time off to reset from a life she dedicated to operating her cafe. For Season 3, she will return from a long trip across the world all refreshed and ready to work on her life goals one of which is motherhood.

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More so, while Kat was away, Phil (Leslie Jordan) and Randi (Kyla Pratt) kept her café going and even made some changes. As per the current storyline, Randi is dating Carter (Julian Gant), who operates a local watering hole right next door. However, Randi’s love for her new work is straining their existing relationship as Phil embraces romance in his life with open arms. On the other hand, Max (Cheyenne Jackson), is returning from his time in Nashville, as he pursues his music career. Finally, Sheila, Kat’s mother, is back on the show for another season.

Kevin Sussman Is Currently Working On Apple TV’s Upcoming Series

While Sussman is popular for his role in The Big Bang Theory, he is also known for:

  • Ugly Betty
  • Wet Hot American Summer
  • Sweet Home Alabama
  • Weeds
  • Hitch
  • Burn After Reading
  • Made Of Honor
  • Taking Woodstock

Kevin Sussman YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Currently, he is working for Apple TV’s upcoming series Lessons In Chemistry slated to premiere in 2023. Furthermore, he appeared on a limited series by Hulu named The Dropout and even on AMC’s Better Call Saul.

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