Lala Kent Forms Bond With Randall Emmett’s Ex-Wife

Lala Kent Wears Black Dress At Birthday Dinner [Lala Kent | Instagram]

Lala Kent appears to be on good terms with Randall Emmett’s ex-wife. The two ladies didn’t get along in the past for obvious reasons. Lala was dating the Hollywood producer who was still in the midst of a divorce. She got a lot of flak for their relationship from her VPR cast members.

On Wednesday, October 5, Lala had a girls’ night with Ambyr Childs. The two are getting along now that Lala and Randall are not an item. In October 2021, Lala shocked fans when she moved out of Randall’s Bel-Air home. The two share a one-year-old daughter, Ocean Emmett.

Lala Kent Wears White In Luxury Vehicle [Credit: James Kennedy | Instagram]
[Credit: James Kennedy | Instagram]

On good terms?

Lala Kent took to her Instagram Story to share the details of her night out. She snapped a selfie with the actress. Both of them smiled at the camera as they held non-alcoholic drinks. Lala Kent wore a leopard print jacket that was tied at the waist. She paired her look with gold hoop earrings.

Her platinum blonde hair was styled straight with a side part. Meanwhile, Ambyr wore a black T-shirt. She kept her hair and makeup look simple. Lala Kent captioned the post: “Sipping Starla with my main.”

Ambyr Childers & Lala Kent Hold Non-Alcoholic Drinks [Lala Kent | Instagram Stories]
[Lala Kent | Instagram Stories]
Their relationship wasn’t always this smooth. Fans remember when they didn’t get along when Lala Kent first started dating Randall Emmett. Most noticed there was an overlap between the end of his marriage and the start of his relationship with Lala. Some accused Randall of cheating on his ex-wife with the Vanderpump Rules star.

Lala Kent denied the claims. She said she wasn’t the other woman. Randall informed her that he was separated and they were in the process of divorcing. Since then, Lala Kent has tried to get on better terms with the YOU actress.

The women bond over their previous relationships with Randall. Lala accused the Midnight in the Switchgrass producer of being unfaithful to her throughout their relationship, especially when she was pregnant with their first child. She claims that he hooked up with multiple younger women, most of which he met on Instagram.

Lala Kent & Ambyr Childers join forces

Now, the two ladies are joining forces. Lala Kent hopes that her daughter will also have a close relationship with Ambyr and Randall’s daughters, London and Rylee. He has kept her away from them since their engagement ended.

Ambyr Childers' Home [Lala Kent | Instagram Stories]
[Lala Kent | Instagram Stories]
“I have an older brother who’s 15 years older than me, and as we got older, we became close,” Lala Kent shared on Instagram. “So Ambyr’s two kids are 12 and 8, so there will be a significant age gap between those two and Ocean.”

Lala also took to her Instagram Story to share a clip of Ambyr’s home, which she shares with her fiance Jeffrey Tinsley. Their two white dogs stood in front of the sliding door. What are your thoughts on Lala Kent’s close bond with Ambyr Childers? Sound off below in the comment section.

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