Nick Viall Talks Natalie Joy’s Confident First Move

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Former Bachelor Nick Viall spent his fair share of time on the franchise trying to find love. However, it never lasted or worked out. Finally, he found love organically through Natalie Joy’s bold first move when she slid into his DM’s on social media. Read on to find out what he had to say and how it changed everything.

Nick Viall talks Natalie Joy sliding into his DM’s

Former Bachelor Nick Viall is high on life. He just released his first book October 4 titled, Don’t Text Your Ex Happy Birthday: And Other Advice on Love, Sex and Dating. It’s already listed as the number one new release on Amazon.

While Nick is promoting his book, he’s also talking about his life and how things are working out great for him. One of the things working out great is his relationship with his girlfriend Natalie Joy.

E!News shared what Nick had to say about Natalie sliding into his DM’s and how it changed his life. He says her DM sparked a real love story.

Nick said, “If you are interested in someone and you like someone, you don’t have to be that creative. You just have to like their face and be bold.”

Natalie Joy and Nick Viall via Instagram

It seems Nick was always intrigued with Natalie. He never directly said what her opening line was to him in that DM but he did say the following. He said, “She was always very confident in what she wanted, which I found to be incredibly attractive and sexy.” Nick continued, “She never asked me what I wanted. She wasn’t very concerned about what I wanted in the relationship. Well, she was, but not before she communicated what she wanted.”

Nick also said that Natalie was always clear about what she wanted and what her intentions were. He said, “She was willing to stand up and set her boundaries, her expectations.”

He continued saying that she is a “delight” to be around. Nick said everyone loves her and just tolerates him.

Natalie being so confident and having patience is the reason why Nick credits her for them being in the relationship they are in today.

Nick Viall and Natalie Joy via Insta

His new book

Nick said that when he was writing the book, Natalie was a huge help to him. She was the first person he wanted to read the new pages.

His book is one offering dating advice to all his followers and whoever reads his book. Nick prides himself on giving direct advice while also trying to remain empathetic.

Are you planning on reading Nick’s new book? What do you think about his relationship with Natalie?

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