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‘Jeopardy!’ New Executive Producer Gets Loud, Defends New Rule

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The latest Jeopardy! season has brought in several changes including the podcast Inside Jeopardy! Not just that, in the podcast, the game show’s executive producer Mike Davies hinted at several new possibilities. However, one of these possible changes didn’t sit well with the fans. They fear it would impact the game show in a drastic way.

Mike Davies Assures That The New Rule Won’t Change Jeopardy!

Taken aback by the response, on Monday, Mike Davies talked about the changes on Inside Jeopardy! He assured fans that in no way would the new rule affect the existing gameplay. But, what is this new rule? Keep reading to find out!

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Mike Davies took over as the show’s executive producer in 2021 after the former EP Mike Richards was ousted. As per The Sun, he joined the podcast host and former Clue Crew member Sarah Foss for the weekly episode. He talked about the possible new rule that will be awarded to contestants that successfully sweep a complete category.

The exec also chimed in on the response by fans and clarified, “A lot of response, we should say, to my-let’s say posting [over] the not yet reigned-in idea that I floated.”

Jeopardy! YouTube

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“It doesn’t need to be reigned in yet because it hasn’t been enacted in any way. But a lot of responses on social [media] to award a prize of some sort to people who run a category on Jeopardy! That would not affect gameplay. It would not add to that game total, it would not be there [on player’s scores] it would be a separate thing,” he continued.

Buzzy Cohen Begs Mike To Think Twice On the New Rule

However, this isn’t the first time Mike appeared on Inside Jeopardy! podcast. He has appeared twice on the podcast, highlighting the rule twice. He described that the players rewarded for the same might not win the game. But, they will be compensated for the rare run that covers an entire topic. However, fans expressed that it would surely affect the quality of the gameplay, even if it isn’t about the scores.

Buzzy Cohen Jeopardy

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Even former champion and former guest host Buzzy Cohen begged the exec to think twice before implementing the changes. Buzzy mentioned that if the players were incentivized to score through one complete category for the bonus prize, it might significantly alter the game. It would also affect the way the contestants strategize.

Davies Defends His New Idea On Inside Jeopardy!

However, Davies countered, “It might also give incentive to people who are trailing, to go into a category and get something from the game beyond their second or third place [consolation] prize.”

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Given how Jeopardy! has maintained its integrity throughout the years is a part of its appeal. As of now, no official announcement has been made regarding the new bonus rule.

What do you think of Davies’ new rule proposal? Do you think it might hamper the game’s integrity in any way? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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