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‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ Makes Shocking Change To The Game

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Celebrity Jeopardy! is doing something long-time viewers of the OG Jeopardy! aren’t huge fans of — the executives are making a shocking change to the game. As TvShowsAce previously reported, executive producer Mike Davies and “Crew Crew” member Sarah Foss manage a podcast called Insider Jeopardy! The duo recently tossed the idea of making a change to the structure of the gameplay during Season 39 of the OG. Fans, however, took to both Reddit and Twitter to shoot down the idea. One of the biggest reasons why fans love Jeopardy! so much is because the game has remained largely unchanged going into Season 39.

Being a new spinoff, the executives of Jeopardy! believe they have a little more room to play. So, they’ve announced there will be a change to the game for the celebrity spinoff. What change did they announce? And, how do viewers feel about it?

Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings Interview [Inside Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Inside Jeopardy | YouTube]

Celebrity Jeopardy! executives make shocking change to the game

Mike Davies explains that Celebrity Jeopardy! will have hour-long episodes. So, it is the perfect opportunity for them to introduce a new round called Triple Jeopardy. Davies explains that while this is absolutely a new concept to the game within the United States, other countries have already experimented with it. And, it worked really well for them.

Sarah Foss chimed in on the conversation to explain how the new game structure would work.

We start out with the Jeopardy! round – $100 to $500. $200 to $1000 in Double [Jeopardy!]. And in Triple it’s $300 to $1500.

Mayim Bialik Interview [Inside Jeopardy | YouTube]
[Inside Jeopardy | YouTube]

What to expect from this new spinoff

Mayim Bialik is flying solo as the host of Celebrity! Jeopardy. The spinoff kicks off on September 25th. It will air new episodes each week on Sundays. This will prevent it from interfering with regular episodes during the week. And, just gives viewers another day of Jeopardy! 

The celebrity spinoff will include 27 different A-lister celebrities. They will participate in nine games with three stars in each game. With the episodes being an hour long, the executives are testing the waters to see how Triple Jeopardy does.

How do Jeopardy! viewers feel about the change?

The comments on the YouTube video suggests viewers are open to a round of Triple Jeopardy. This, however, could be largely because they are testing the waters on the celebrity spinoff and not the OG. Many fans who commented admit Celebrity Jeopardy! sounds exciting and they cannot wait to see how the new round works.

Are you looking forward to the celebrity spinoff? Will you be tuning in to check it out on September 25th? What do you think of this change to the game play? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on Jeopardy!

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