Tori Roloff Kicks Josiah Out Of Room Despite Continued Issues

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Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff revealed that she’s booted her baby boy, Josiah, from her room. She shared this news amid talking about her son’s ongoing issues. Keep reading to get the full details about the TLC star’s latest parenting decisions and find out what’s going on with Josiah.

As TV Shows Ace has reported, Tori has been open about Josiah’s ongoing issues. She joked that he’s “lucky he’s cute” after a long night with him.

In another Instagram update, Tori Roloff requested prayers as she had another difficult night with her baby boy. She said that his sleeping issues have been “unbelievably hard” and that the lack of sleep was beginning to wear on her.

Tori Roloff reveals that she kicked Josiah out of her bedroom.

Though Josiah is continuing to have a hard time sleeping, Tori has booted him from her bedroom. In a new Instagram post on Monday, she celebrated her little guy’s first five months of life.

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She wrote, “Josiah officially got kicked out of mom and dads room, even though he still doesn’t want to sleep through the night.”

So, it sounds like he’s continuing to have issues, but Tori Roloff was ready for him to sleep elsewhere. Also in her post, she said that she and Zach Roloff are excited for things to change so they don’t have to wake up at 4 a.m. with Josiah.

Below, you can see a couple more photos of five-month-old Josiah.

Tori Roloff Instagram

In the comments section of her post, an LPBW fan asked about the Roloff family’s sleep setup right now. Tori replied, “He’s in his sister’s room temporarily (she can sleep through actually anything) otherwise he’d be alone… we all tend to sleep better alone.”

Fans are pointing out that the American Association of Pediatrics safe sleep guidelines recommend babies sleep in the same room as their parents until they are six months old. At the end of her comment, Tori Roloff added a disclaimer, reminding her followers to check with their children’s doctors rather than take advice on social media.

Hopefully, Josiah will soon start sleeping through the night so Tori and Zach can get some relief. Aside from his sleeping issues, Tori called him “the best baby ever.”

So, does it surprise you that Tori Roloff already booted her son, Josiah, out of her room, while he’s still having issues? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family news.

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