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Tori Roloff Says Josiah’s Having Huge Issues, Asks For Prayers

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Tori Roloff has leaned on her Instagram followers for prayers as she’s currently going through an “unbelievably hard” time with her son Josiah. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Tori also admitted her son Josiah was “lucky” he was so cute as he continued to prevent her from getting any sleep. Moreover, Tori has also openly admitted it was nothing short of a miracle any time she found herself in a moment where all three children were asleep.

What is going on with Tori and Josiah Roloff that is so “unbelievably hard?” Keep reading for the details.

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Tori Roloff is struggling to get Josiah to sleep

More than a few times, Tori Roloff has taken to her Instagram to complain about struggles with sleep in her household. Josiah is having major issues with sleeping at night and Tori is finding herself up all night with him and then struggling to be awake for her other children during the day. As the vicious cycle continues she finds herself getting less and less sleep. Struggling with heavy sleep deprivation, Tori Roloff asks her followers for prayers.

Josiah Roloff - Tori Cry For help Insta

The LPBW star did reassure her fans that Zach had “gifted” her the opportunity to sleep alone. So, she would be able to get some peaceful sleep and get back to her children tomorrow. Tori, however, admits that just sleeping alone was not easy to do. She found herself looking at photos of her children as a serious case of mom guilt set in.

“I love my kids so stinking much and just want to be the best,” she explained before asking her followers to pray that she manages to get some sleep.

Did she get any sleep?

Tori Roloff later took to her Instagram Stories again to reveal that she got a solid seven hours of sleep and it was incredible what seven hours of sleep could do for a person. She had a huge smile on her face with well-rested eyes as she was ready to get some stuff done.

LPBW fans were pretty divided with their feelings on this update. Some fans were happy that Tori Roloff got the sleep she needed. Others, however, wished she would stop acting like she was the only person on the planet with three children and no sleep.

Tori Roloff - Instagram sleep

Keep coming back to TvShowsAce for the latest on the Roloff family. And, let us know what you think of Tori’s latest Instagram updates.

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  1. Tori has been honest in sharing and all these post of “perfect Mother’s” tell her, and bashing her what a bad Mom she is. If you have to say something not useful then go away your not wanted. I shouldn’t be so mean so I will be the little bunnies Mother in Bambi movie, “if you can’t say anything just don’t say anything at all.” Tori you just reach out, we are Mothers from the past and know the nights your going through, but I will tell you he will get better in time. From one picture here the drooling looks like teething and hard for him to sleep.

  2. my prayers to you and your family. it certainly isn’t easy being a parent of three young children. Many blessings, to you.

  3. honey after the teeth come in maybe he is in pain. go sit in a roçking chair añd maybe both of you will sleep. you are not a bad mom. all children are different. prayers for you. go easy.

  4. Tori girlfriend, I am a sister and daughter to dentists and dental assistant for 12yrs, we have one tall boy 28 years not a cavity yet I’m 61 and have had one cavity so teeth are nothing new to me. People these days when you use every excuse in the world why you shouldn’t do certain things but I will tell you one that works for teething especially at night when you put him down get some Chavez/whiskey dip your finger in the whiskey and rub your finger on his gums that takes the pain away. And for all the people out there that want to reply that that’s not very religious or that’s not being a good mom or to the real fruit cakes trying to say it would make him an alcoholic. Terry I hope you get some sleep with Josiah.

    1. I strongly agree! Believe it or not, years ago the Doctor would give my son whiskey when he was 2 months old for croup. He sounded like a seal when he tried to breath. The whiskey relaxed him enough to relax so he could breath easier. Hang in there Tori, we love you❤

    1. Excellent comment Joanne! I have seen nany mothers do this, but there are going to be mothers that are going to scream bloody hell about that remedy. It will NOT hurt the baby and numbs the gums. If you do not like it then just go without sleep!

  5. Tori my prayers are with you because it is very difficult raising children.
    I have two adult daughters that gave me the blues. My oldest daughter was a nightmare. She would sleep all day and turn into a vampire by night. I was a single working mom and had no idea how to be a good mom. My mom taught me how to be the best mom to my daughter that I could be and at times I felt like I had failed my daughter. She too was teething and I did not know how to comfort her but eventually I learned how to comfort her and ease up on myself. Eventually my daughter began to adjust to sleeping at night and I begin to feel better about myself. My second daughter was a night sleeper so I did not experience that problem with her but I had already learned from my first daughter how to tackle the issue head on so it was easier for me and I was able to get the rest and sleep to help me function as an effective and great mom. Do not feel that you are a failure as a mom nor a person. I see you as an excellent mom that loves her children but facing mild problems that places barriers in your life that makes you doubt your motherhood. Remember, babies are not born with “ Instructions.” 😃

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