‘Below Deck Med’ Who’s Replacing Jason Gaskell?

Jason Gaskell On WWHLS

On the latest episode of Below Deck Med, deckhand Jason Gaskell agrees to leave the boat. However, he may regret his decision. Fans noticed a change in his personality after he told boatswain Storm Smith that he wanted to leave the boat. Storm told Captain Sandy Yawn, who had a discussion with Jason.

She informed him that he should go home if he doesn’t want to be on the boat. However, he had to stay to help out with a short charter. Sandy informed the crew during their tip meeting that she already found a replacement. Fans are curious to know about the new deckhand who joins the yacht.

Jason Gaskell [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]

Why does Jason Gaskell leave?

On the Monday, October 3 epiode of Below Deck Mediterranean, Jason Gaskell decides to leave the boat. He feels that he’s not fitting in with his crew members. Also, his work ethic hasn’t been up to standards since he didn’t want to listen and help out. This has caused many arguments with Storm.

In the previous episode of the Bravo series, Jason got into a heated discussion with Storm Smith regarding his behavior with the crew. Jason admitted that he didn’t want to be there anymore. In his confessional interview, he admitted that he never intended on quitting. However, if he feels his personality is a problem, he would agree to leave the boat.

Jason Gaskell [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]
Storm spoke to Captain Sandy about the problem. He recalls the last conversation that he had with Jason. Sandy wanted to speak with Jason on the bridge. She wanted to hash out the situation with him instead of letting him leave on a bad note.

Sandy tells Jason she understands his problem. She informs him, “Sometimes people just don’t gel.” However, since a new charter was starting in an hour, Sandy needed Jason around to help out. She asked him to focus on his job as she looked for his replacement.

Jason tells Sandy that he never wanted to “leave anyone high and dry.” Below Deck Med fans noticed that Jason’s demeanor changed after that conversation. He was willing to help out the deck crew. He also looked sad about leaving the boat.

New deckhand on Below Deck Med

Unfortunately, last night’s episode of Below Deck Med didn’t include a sneak peek for next week. Fans will have to wait and see who will replace Jason. Per Reality Titbit, Reid Jenkins is the new deckhand on board. According to his social media accounts, he’s already involved with his girlfriend Kassidy McGhee.

Reid Jenkins Poses In Front Of A Superyacht [Reid Jenkins | Instagram]
[Reid Jenkins | Instagram]
The Below Deck Med newbie was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. He changed his major more than once in college. Reid realized that he wanted a career that allowed him to travel. That’s when he stumbled into yachting, which was the perfect opportunity for him.

On Monday, Reid announced that he’s joining Below Deck Med. Fans are curious to see how he will fit in with the crew. Interestingly enough, his Instagram bio reads “God first.” What are your thoughts on Jason leaving the show? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Below Deck Med air on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET. They also stream early on Peacock.

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