‘The Voice’ Renewal Confirmed For Season 23?

Blake Shelton on The Voice

The Voice just finished its second week of blind auditions for Season 22. The new coaches of Camila Cabello and Gwen Stefani seem to be filling in nicely. Plus, the talent is as great as ever. However, some people are already looking ahead and wondering if the show will be back for Season 23 after this one ends.

It looks like NBC already decided to bring back The Voice for another season after this one wraps up. This is based on a casting call for the “spring season” of The Voice.

Is The Voice renewed for Season 23?

Someone posted a screenshot from their phone on Reddit that seems to indicate that The Voice is already planning out Season 23, even though the 22nd season is just now getting started. In the screencap was a casting call for the Blind Auditions, called the “spring season.”

Parijita Bastola on The Voice

According to the call, the Blind Auditions will take place on October 14-18 in Universal City, California. Other fans wanted to know where the OP found this call at and questioned its authenticity. It would also be a change of pace since The Voice dropped to one season a year. This would change it back to two, with it once again competing with American Idol.

The smart thing would be to check out the official website of The Voice on NBC. On that site, the Virtual Open Call Guidelines are up and posted, but there is no date listed on that page for the auditions. This also would go against the idea of an in-person audition, because people need to virtually audition first, making the screencap look suspicious. Of course, with things returning more to normal after the COVID shutdowns, maybe the show is trying to get things back to normal again.

John Legend on The Voice

Will Kelly Clarkson return for The Voice Season 23?

One fan commented in the Reddit post that they hoped Kelly Clarkson would return for the next season. Another responded that her talk show will have no taping days on the Blind Audition dates, and she should be back. However, one thing fans have to keep in mind is that Kelly chose to leave The Voice.

A lot of fans have threatened boycotts of The Voice if Kelly is not back on the show. However, that isn’t really fair since Kelly said she wanted to spend more time with her kids following her divorce. Fans demanding she leave her family and return to the show or they will quit watching are not being fair to the singer. Kelly also has a massive career as a daytime talk show host.

If she does return, it will be because she wants to, and not because fans demand that she does.

Are you enjoying the new season of The Voice? What are some of your favorite performances so far this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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