New ‘The Voice’ Coach Says She Will Fight Harder & Smarter

The Voice Season 22 coaches

There are two new coaches this season on The Voice, which returns to NBC on September 19. After last season’s new coach, Ariana Grande, failed to even make it to the finals with any of her singers, one of this year’s new coaches calls herself an underdog. Plus, she said she will fight harder and smarter to win. Here is what you need to know.

New coaches on The Voice Season 22

Season 22 of The Voice has two new coaches, although one of them has a lot of experience on the show in the past. Gwen Stefani is replacing the departing Kelly Clarkson. She won the show as a coach before in Season 19, and is stepping in for the most successful coach in the show’s history. Kelly won 50 percent of the shows she competed on.

However, the other newcomer is brand new to The Voice. Camila Cabello has appeared on the show before as a mentor on Team Kelly in the past. However, this will be the singer’s first time as a coach on the show. Camila replaces Ariana Grande, who was expected to bring in a lot of new viewers last season. Sadly. Ariana failed in that task.

Camila on The Voice

Ariana Grande, who has 328 million followers on Instagram, failed to help raise ratings in The Voice Season 21. Not only that, but she couldn’t even get her fans to vote for her singers, and went into the finals without a single member of her team in the competition. With that said, Ariana is often aloof on Instagram and is far from personal with her fans there.

Camila Cabello says she is the underdog on The Voice

Camila Cabello might be a better option, even though she only has 65 million followers, far less than Ariana. She is completely open on social media and not only interacts with her fans there, but she is also often goofy and shows her fun side in her posts and videos. Producers on The Voice have to hope her fans will follow her more easily than Ariana’s fans did. Luckily, Camila is a lot more aggressive so far in the season promos.

Camila and Blake on The Voice

In a video sneak peek NBC posted on The Voice’s official Instagram page, Camila said it all. She mentioned she was nervous and felt like she is the underdog this season. She is because Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Gwen Stefani have all proven what they bring as coaches and Camila is the newcomer. However, she also said, “I feel like the underdog fights harder and smarter. Watch out for Team Camila.”

One of the best parts of The Voice in recent years was the sparring between Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. There is little chance Blake and his wife Gwen Stefani will spar, but Camila proved she will step up to the country hitmaker. In the first premiere clip, the two threw barbs at each other and it looks as fun as ever.

Are you excited about the return of The Voice next week? Plus, are you going to cheer for Camila Cabello? Let us know in the comments below.

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