Kody & Robyn Brown Continue Feeding Fans Lies?

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Kody and Robyn Brown definitely have been called out this season of Sister Wives. Christine finally admitted that she knows that Robyn is Kody’s favorite wife. This is not something new as fans have been saying this for a very long time. Even Janelle noted that she realizes that her relationship with Kody will never look like his with Robyn’s. At this point in the season, the wives have no idea that Christine is leaving the family. However, eagle-eyed fans believe that maybe Robyn knew more than she let on. Were she and Kody secretly lying to fans? Read on for their reasoning.

Robyn Brown Played Coy, Fooled Fans?

In the latest episode, Kody and his wives did a four-way call. They were discussing schools reopening and Mykelti going into labor. Behind the scenes, Robyn said she knew something was going on with Christine and Kody. However, she was not quite certain what it was as they had been struggling for some time. By then, Kody and Christine had called it quits, they just had not announced it to the wives. Kody believed that she may have told all of the adult children which was an eye-rolling moment for him. Yet, fans took to Reddit as they felt Kody may have actually already told Robyn, hence her face throughout the call.

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“Robyn is stone-facing everyone during the zoom call,” the thread started. Another Redditor added: “Kody is mad that Christine may have told the older children about the divorce already…and supposedly none of the other wives know…Robyn’s face tells a different story.” “Oh, Robyn knows everything Kody knows. She’s furious that Christine chose herself and not them,” someone added. Finally, a fan noted: “It is so annoying how rehearsed they are. He literally couldn’t discuss family issues brought up on the call because him and The Don needed to consult off-camera first.”

Off Living A Better Life

Christine may have told her other kids what she is doing but does it really matter? She has been off living her best life. As for Robyn Brown, she has admitted that having Kody around so much is hard. This could be why she pushed so hard to keep Christine around. It is not as if Kody is willingly going to Meri’s home. At the same time, even if Robyn did know about the split, she kept on a strong face while Mykelti was in labor. She and Christine’s daughter are extremely close. Therefore, Mykelti wanted her there for the labor so she was Zoomed in. Luckily, the wives were able to bond for that moment and it was such a special memory for everyone.
Do you think Robyn Brown was in the know about the split during the four-way call? Was it her business or should Kody have stayed silent? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.



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  1. Robyn knows everything that goes between all the other wives and Kody and influences him in every way. She is getting everything like she wants.

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