Kelly Ripa Snubs Michael Strahan In New Book?

Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa snubbed Michael Strahan in her new book. The talk show host will drop her memoir, Live Wire: Long Winded Short Stories, on Tuesday, September 27. Kelly shares a lot of candid stories about her life. However, she doesn’t want to mention the time when Michael left Live!

It still bothers her to this day. In fact, it bothers her so much that she shaded the Good Morning America host in a recent broadcast of Live with Kelly and Ryan. To promote her new book, Kelly sat down for an exclusive interview with People. She did share her opinion on that situation that took place years ago.

Michael Strahan[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]

Kelly Ripa refuses to speak about Michael Strahan

According to her People cover story, Kelly Ripa doesn’t speak about her situation with Michael Strahan. The former soap star gets candid when it comes to marriage and intimacy. She also talks about Botox injections and her former co-host Regis Philbin, who started the morning show with veteran Kathie Lee Gifford. Kelly said that she still feels hurt by Michael’s departure.

“I’ve always gone out of my way to be the most welcoming because I know what it feels like it to go into a workplace where you may feel like you’re not welcome,” Kelly Ripa told People.

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan [Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
[Live With Kelly & Ryan | YouTube]
Now, she’s been co-hosting with her longtime friend Ryan Seacrest. She learned from Regis to always consider the audience whenever she’s on the show. Kelly would rather discuss things she feels “insecure about briefly and I move on.” She knows that the fans are there to see the Hollywood stars and not them.

Kelly Ripa and Michael co-hosted Live! for four years before he left the show to co-host GMA. This comes after her previous interview with Variety in 2020, in which she said that she felt blindsided by his sudden departure. Kelly found out at the same time that fans did. She took a few days off to process the information and to make her big speech about workplace respect.

Mentions Regis Philbin

Also, in her memoir, Kelly Ripa talks about how she joined Live! The 51-year-old told People that she focuses mostly on her working relationship with the late Regis Philbin. She admits that she “learned by watching him.” Her “favorite stories” from their time together were the “imperfect ones.”

Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa [Inside Edition | YouTube]
[Inside Edition | YouTube]
However, Kelly Ripa admits her time on the show hasn’t been an easy ride. Some people think the job was handed to her. While she doesn’t want to use her book to call anyone out, she hinted that “it was not a cakewalk.” It took Kelly a long time to get her own office and computer, especially with working in a male-dominated workplace.

What are your thoughts on Kelly Ripa not mentioning Michael in the book? Do you think it’s for the best? Do you plan to read her new book? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. It is Kelly’s right to talk about what she wants, after all it is her book. However, this happened years ago just like Regis, but she aired that laundry. I think it is much more to this story, then she was taken aback. Get over it and move on, Michael clearly has.

    By the way I like Ryan, but on the show the two of them are so irritating together. I will only watch the show if there is a celebrity I really want to see or Kelly is NOT on the show and Ryan has a guest co-host. Ryan is great without Kelly.

  2. I listened to the book on audio and enjoyed it, but it was a little disappointing. There were many people Kelly had worked with, but she didn’t say anything about it. She didn’t detail the big names she worked with on All My Children, either. I now read she’s thinking about retiring from the show and going to college. My dad didn’t finish the eighth grade; he received his GED when he was 65, attended community college, and received his degree. So it’s never too late, and if that’s what she genuinely wants to do, I hope she does. I feel there will be another book in her future, most likely when she receives her doctor—the best of luck, Kelly.

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