Kelly Ripa Claps Back At Criticism Over Getting Botox

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Kelly Ripa is clapping back at the criticism over her Botox injections. In 2020, the Live! talk show host took fans into a treatment session with heron social media. Some fans were concerned about her aging process. However, she just wants to keep it real — both on and off social media.

The 51-year-old is also getting candid in her new book, Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories, which comes out Tuesday, September 27. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Kelly is sharing some of her erotic stories with her readers. Yet, not all of them are about her husband Mark Consuelos.

Now, read on to see what Kelly Ripa has to say about getting Botox.

Kelly Ripa [YouTube]

Kelly Ripa gets candid about Botox

In an in-depth interview with People, Kelly Ripa shared her thoughts on cosmetic surgery. She finds nothing wrong with it as long as you’re doing it for yourself. Kelly doesn’t mind talking about Botox. She started getting treatments to stop her excessive underarm sweat.

Kelly Ripa started to notice changes in her face. Most of the time, she feels comfortable with her appearance, even when she’s not wearing makeup. The former All My Children star decided it was time to get Botox injections in her face. She feels that it’s a personal choice.

Kelly Ripa [YouTube]
“For me, it was just more of my comfort level. If I worked off camera, I would not wash my hair with regularity or wear makeup but when I started to see things that I didn’t like, I thought, well, the next turtleneck is going to have two eye holes,” Kelly Ripa joked to People. “I’m not saying you should let people bully you into cosmetic procedures. These are my choices for me.”

Kelly graces the latest issue of People, on newsstands this week. On the cover, she wears a pastel angora sweater and a huge smile on her face. Also, in the interview, Kelly laid it out there when it came to her marriage, intimacy, family life, and television career. She wants to be as honest and open as her book is.

Live! host loves Botox too much

Some fans might think that Kelly Ripa loves Botox too much. In the accompanying video, she shared some of her top choices for cosmetic surgery in her new memoir. Kelly wants to keep that candid conversation going with her fans. She admitted that she’s done her research over the years and decided to find who’s the best when it comes to Botox.

“Meanwhile, there are procedures that people have done. And then once you start talking about what you’re having done, people become very open about what they’re having done and then you start trading doctors,” Kelly Ripa explained. “Then, you know, at the end of the book, I put in all my doctors so that people can reach out to them if they want.”

Most of them are based in the “New York area.” Kelly considers it a gift to her fans. She felt that she should at least share that information with them. What are your thoughts on Kelly Ripa’s Botox confessions? Sound off below in the comment section.

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