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Josie Bates Balka’s Transformation Wows ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Fans

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Bringing Up Bates fans are shocked by Josie Bates Balka’s major transformation. Many can’t believe how different she looks these days and are surprised by just how far she’s come. So, what’s different about Josie? Keep reading to get all of the details.

Since she married Kelton Balka, left her parents’ home, and started her own business, she has changed up her look. And fans have noticed just how different she looks these days. She’s not the same young lady fans might remember from Bringing Up Bates. 

Below, you can see a photo of Josie Bates in 2017 with her brother, Nathan, and her sister, Carlin. This may be how you remember the Bringing Up Bates stars.

Josie Bates Instagram

Check out Josie Bates Balka’s transformation.

Josie’s social media post over the weekend got fans talking about her transformation. She revealed that she and her husband, Kelton, went to a college football game. The picture of Josie and her husband Kelton reveals her stylish outfit, which features a fitted white tank top, a short black leather skirt that falls above her knees, and a pair of tall black boots.

On Reddit, someone reposted the photo, sparking a conversation among fans about just how far Josie Bates has come.

Josie Bates Instagram

As fans discussed Josie’s outfit, they got to talking about how she and her sisters dress these days. Over the years, several of the Bates girls have ditched their long skirts and dresses for more fashionable choices, including pieces like tank tops, shorter skirts, leggings, and jeans. Previously, they followed Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ modesty rules. 

One fan pointed out, “She and Alyssa have always seemed the most comfortable thwarting those rules.” 

Several fans said that Josie’s outfit reminded them of sorority members’ game-day fashion choices. One fan said, “She’s giving big sorority girl vibes. It’s sad she didn’t get to experience college and all the fun things that go along with it.”

Another fan seemed to agree and added, “They look like a normal college couple. Eeeeexcept they have two kids at home.” 

Others called Josie Bates’ outfit adorable or gorgeous. One fan said, “She looks great. I love how a number of the girls have changed up their look.”

Below, you can get a better look at Josie’s football game outfit compared to her old look. The photo on the left is from August 2018 and the second snap is from September 2022.

Josie Bates Instagram

So, what do you think about Josie Bates Balka’s look today? Do you think she still dresses modestly while opting for more fashionable clothing? Tell us your thoughts. For more Bringing Up Bates news, come back to TV Shows Ace. 

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