Upset ‘GMA’ Fans Want Whit Johnson Fired, Why?

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Whit Johnson is the go-to man for absent hosts. He normally fills in when one of the show’s veteran hosts isn’t at his or her desk. On the latest broadcast of Good Morning America, both Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos were absent from the show.

This comes just a month after they both took a break. George went on his Meditteranean vacation with his wife Ali Wentworth. Meanwhile, Robin went on her own European excursion with her girlfriend Amber Laign and their friends. Fans were impatiently waiting for both of the fan favorites to return.

Now, fans are getting upset over the “constantly changing” hosts. They also want Whit Johnson to go. Read on to find out more.

Whit Johnson [Whit Johnson | YouTube]
[Whit Johnson | YouTube]

Where are Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos?

Once again, Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos have gone missing from the big desk. They didn’t appear on the show on Thursday, September 22. Instead, Michael Strahan held down the fort with two fill-in co-hosts — Whit Johnson and Amy Robach. The two friendly faces have filled in for the original hosts in the past.

The show has been playing a game of musical chairs lately. The viewers never know what to expect when they tune in every morning. Robin Roberts was previously missing from the desk because she had to report Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral in the UK. Meanwhile, George had to take a step back due to his upcoming Hulu series.

Whit Johnson Fills-In On GMA [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Some fans wonder if his new project is a hint that he will retire from GMA. Both Robin and George were present on Wednesday. They celebrated Robin’s anniversary of her transplant. During the broadcast, she shared her cancer journey with her viewers. It was an emotional moment for everyone involved.

However, fans are getting sick of the hosts switching it up every day. They’re also tired of Whit Johnson. During Thursday’s show, they flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts on the younger anchorman. Some are calling for his firing.

GMA fans want Whit Johnson fired from his position

Some of the viewers are sick of seeing Whit Johnson fill in for one of the hosts. This comes just a month after they begged producers to fire him and replace him with fan-favorite meteorologist Danielle Breezy instead. The outrage has more to do with his hosting abilities. They don’t think he’s the right fit for the job.

Whit Johnson Interview [Whit Johnson | YouTube]
[Whit Johnson | YouTube]
“Get rid of these people and also Whit Johnson,” one fan wrote.

“Get Whit Johnson off of GMA. He is awful,” another added.

However, Whit Johnson has an impressive resume. He hosts the weekend edition of World News Tonight. He also fills in for David Muir when he’s away or on duty. What are your thoughts on Whit? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Whit Johnson.

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  1. Whit Johnson does a remarkable job. People are becoming too over the top. It’s true your three main host are gone more often, doing this project or that project. Viewers are set in their ways. Whit is one of the most at ease when he fills in. The show just flows along.

    1. I love Whit Johnson. I think he’s a talented host and journalist. and if dependable. I say keep Whit. Let Robin & George go!

  2. Whit Johnson is great….Quick on his feet….great sense of humor and personality….and obviously very bright….What is to dislike about him?

  3. Whit Johnson does a great job. He is bright, he has a terrific sense of humor and dynamic, he is comfortable in the many different positions he fills.

  4. Whit Johnson does an excellent job for ABC.. He’s always ready to report to whatever desk hes been called on to report to.. and being asked to stand in for David Muir when needed should tell ya all that needs to be said about him.. he fits in no matter where he fills a seat or reports from behind a desk.. very professional also.. I love Robin and George as much as anyone, but perhaps they need to be fired for never showing hp for work anymore.. oh and their absences Re why we see Whit as much as we do.. hes a great reporter and a genuinely nice guy!

  5. I’ve been enjoying Whit since he started with GMA Weekend. He’s developed into a fine broadcast personnel. Please keep him!!

  6. I’ve watched Whit on Saturday GMA and I think he’s good and when he replaces David Muir. The anchors need time off and eventually will retire. Give him a chance. Life is about change

  7. What does it matter,they are just to report the news.
    For all i care,a monkey could do it.
    I just want to hear the news,not be entertained

  8. Whit Johnson does an excellent job on GMA AND fill-in for David Muir.i knew from the first moment I saw him that he was an excellent newsman. People do not like change. Get over it. Leave a very talented newsman alone.

  9. I think Whit does a great job,get rid of the camera hog Lara,,she’s always pushing herself in front of the camera ,, I feel bad for Tori now,,,and no one can get a word in,,,,,

    1. right about about Lara.. snotty it’s all about her. I meet her once at an event I was working n Lara is not a nice person. She thinks she all that. Btw Whit Johnson is fabulous. . I actually enjoy watching him n the others on the weekend GMA show. They are so real n enjoyable to watch

  10. Whit Johnson does an excellent job on GMA. He must stay ….. Maybe the regulars need to go since they are never there and embarking on other journeys

  11. I think Whit Johnson is great. I don’t see a problem with Whit on GMA or World News Tonight. He is very professional and has definitely paid his dues by working GMA on the weekends and has also done reporting in the field many times for GMA and world news tonight.
    If Robin and George are going to be absent, as much as they are, I think, making with JOHNSON a replacement for one of them, would be a wise decision at this point. He is a great option for ABC to move towards.
    Please keep him on both programs as I feel people will start to warm up to him soon.
    Cut Whit Johnson a Break! He is a good!

  12. I believe Whit Johnson is a perfect fit for GMA. I enjoy him being on the show. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. Keep Whit Johnson on GMA. He’s also nice to look at as well!!

  13. Whit is awesome! He’s smart,attractive, amiable, spot on, as far as I’m concerned !!
    I’m glad to see his excellent job at filling in for David Muir!

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