‘The View’: Why Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Joy Behar Is Pregnant

Whoopi Goldberg - Joy behar - Youtube

At 79, could The View co-host Joy Behar be pregnant? It was Whoopi Goldberg who posed the question during a recent episode of the new season of the talk show. Both Whoopi and the entire panel agreed that Joy Behar was rocking a seriously different style than what they were used to. Likewise, she appeared to have this glow about her that the entire panel just wasn’t used to seeing.

Whoopi Goldberg questioned if the glow might be because Joy Behar has a bun in the oven. Another one of her co-hosts could be heard in the background asking what her husband Steve Janowitzwas doing to give her that glow.

Whoopi Goldberg - Joy Behar - The View Youtube


The View: Is Joy Behar pregnant at 79?

Whoopi Goldberg was the first to call attention to Joy Behar having a “new glow” as they entered the new season of the show. Other members of the panel nodded in agreement that there was something going on with her. Whoopi questioned if the glow was because she was pregnant. Joy Behar shrugged off the question without outright saying no. She, however, proceeded to respond to the question by noting that maybe she had a light in her v*gina and that was why she was glowing in a way they hadn’t seen before.

The entire panel cracked up before the clip that was uploaded to YouTube came to an end.

The View Joy Behar [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]

Can someone get pregnant at her age?

According to Healthline, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) confirms a woman can get pregnant at any age as long as her uterus is healthy. So, with or without medical intervention, it isn’t unfounded for Joy Behar to be pregnant at the age of 79 as long as her reproductive system was in working condition. That being said, it isn’t exactly good for the body of a woman Joy’s age to create and carry a child to term. Not to mention, giving birth is difficult for a woman of any age.

Given her age, chances are pretty good Joy Behar of The View isn’t actually pregnant at the age of 79. In fact, it was likely just a joke on Whoopi Goldberg’s part. That, however, didn’t stop Joy from not completely shutting down the question and the audience at home to run with the possibility of it being true.

What would you think if Joy Behar was pregnant at the age of 79? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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