‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo Flaunts Perfect Body Part

Theresa Caputo [TLC | YouTube]

Long Island Medium star Theresa Caputo flaunted her perfect body part. She’s usually reserved when it comes to her style. However, she’s been expanding outside of her comfort zone this year. The TLC star has been showing off her legs in shorts, dresses, and miniskirts.

She’s also been experimenting with new hairstyles. Some of them have been a hit, while others not so much. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fans have asked Theresa to get a makeover. They wish that she would get rid of her bouffant hairstyle and long nails for the sake of her granddaughter.

Theresa Caputo With Elegant Updo [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]

Long Island Medium star stuns in new photo

On Tuesday, September 20, Theresa Caputo took to Instagram to share a photo from her latest travels. She’s been on the move once again. Her latest stop was at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport. Theresa stood next to the iconic Snoopy statue, in which the classic character takes flight.

She wore a black hooded zip jacket over a black T-shirt and athletic shorts. Theresa Caputo looked fit in the photo. As fans know, she bulked up and became a bodybuilder after her divorce from her ex-husband Larry Caputo. She stood confidently with her hand on her hip.

Theresa also rocked a pair of black and white Chanel sneakers. She finished off her look with her signature beehive and gold jewelry. The reality star told her fans that she was on her way to North Dakota. She’s still in the midst of her nationwide tour, which kicks off again in time for the fall.

Theresa Caputo With Snoopy Statue [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
“Bismarck here I Come! Fall tour starts tomorrow!” Theresa Caputo captioned the photo.

This time, she got a lot of kind comments. Most fans were in awe of her latest look and the snapshot. They couldn’t help but notice how adorable she looked. One wrote, “Love” while another added, “So cute.” Some fans added hearts while others said they want to see her in person.

Theresa Caputo attacked by trolls

That wasn’t the case in her previous Instagram post. Two weeks ago, Theresa Caputo shocked fans when she posed with her friend. She wore a daring black T-shirt dress with black and white leopard print high-hight boots. The television personality also rocked silver jewelry.

In the caption, Theresa informed her fans that they were getting ready to see Blondie perform at the Paramount in New York. She noted that they were “Beyond excited 😜.” However, she got attacked by trolls who weren’t feeling her new look.

Theresa Caputo Wears T-Shirt Dress & Thigh-High Boots [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
“I’m sorry, but that outfit looks ridiculous. Like grow up already,” one troll wrote.

“She clearly doesn’t have good taste. Never has,” a second user noted.

What are your thoughts on Theresa Caputo’s latest Instagram post? Do you like her signature beehive? Or, do you think she needs a makeover? Sound off below in the comment section.

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