‘Long Island Medium’ Fans Beg Theresa Caputo To Get A Makeover

Fans Beg Theresa Caputo To Get A Makeover

Long Island Medium fans are begging Theresa Caputo to get a makeover. This comes as the TLC star showed off her latest hairstyle. As fans know, she loves to play up with her hair, makeup, and clothes lately. The 55-year-old wants to feel fresh and young.

On Sunday, August 21, Theresa posted a new photo of herself with her hair teased all the way to the sky. She posed next to her young godson who looked happy to see her. Like most growing kids, he’s gotten even taller since the last time she’s seen him. Theresa wanted to tease her hair extra high so she can look tall.

Yet, fans weren’t thrilled with Theresa Caputo’s hairstyle. Read on to learn why and to see the photo for yourself.

Theresa Caputo Wears Long Hair Extensions [Build Series | YouTube]
[Build Series | YouTube]

Theresa Caputo brags about her tall godson

In the photo posted to her Instagram feed, Theresa Caputo wore a black short-sleeved shirt with denim cutoff shorts. She paired her look with a Gucci crossbody handbag and colorful sneakers. Her hair was styled in a bump-it once again. She last rocked this look when she snugged up to her granddaughter Michelina.

Her godson Ryan wore a jersey with athletic shorts. He rocked messy hair and a big smile on his face. The two posed together inside a diner. Theresa Caputo remarked on how big her godson is these days. She tried to tease her hair to make herself appear taller, but it didn’t work in her favor.

Theresa Caputo With Godson [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
“How did that happen? Taller than me already!” Theresa Caputo captioned the post.

However, some fans didn’t think her new hairstyle was cute or clever. They flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts. Some of them begged for her to change her entire look. Others think she needed a new hairstyle.

  • “Take away the bee hive hairdo and maybe not taller than you.”
  • “I don’t know, the hair is pretty much almost there.”
  • “You could use a haircut. Just saying!”
  • “Time to change that hairstyle. It looks ridiculous.”

Long Island Medium star loves her hair extensions

Theresa Caputo refuses to listen to her fans. She already knows that they don’t like her signature hairstyle. However, she’s not going to change for them just because. She also loves to wear hair extensions.

She’s been wearing them more than usual lately. In a previous Instagram post, she wore a sage green romper with light yellow slides. Her hair was styled long with volume. At the time, her fans were appreciative of the look. They thought she looked like a fun horror character.

Theresa Caputo With Long Hair [Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
[Theresa Caputo | Instagram]
“I love your hair reminds me of a blonde Elvira.” one fan wrote. Another one added, “You look amazing!!!”

Theresa Caputo used to wear her hair short and teased high on the reality series. Now, she’s been experimenting with different looks. She also deviates away from her usual head-to-toe black outfits. Do you think Theresa needs a makeover? Sound off below in the comment section.

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