‘sMothered’: Cristina Bertolli Spills Truth On Hairy Situation


sMothered fans go back and forth with Cristina Bertolli and her mother Kathy. There are times when they praise the mother/daughter duo as the most normal on the show. Then, it can quickly flip and fans are calling out Kathy for her poor behavior. Regardless of the negative comments, Cristina will always stick up for her mama. Recently, viewers questioned issues with Kathy’s hair so Cristina quickly jumped to her mother’s defense. What exactly is going on with it for those wondering? Read on for the truth spilled by Cristina.

Kathy’s sMothered Hairy Truth

Cristina and her mother, Kathy have an extremely close bond. Some may say that Kathy is holding her daughter just a tad too close which makes them perfect for this series. However, with this closeness comes a feeling of protecting one another. Recently, some trolls have come for both Cristina and Kathy over their hair. In Cristina’s case, she did not take the attacks on her mom lightly. Therefore, she went on social media to share a very revealing and truthful post.

sMothered/Facebook group

Apparently, some trolls have been questioning Kathy’s choice of hairstyle. It is not that she is opposed to a fresh new style but it is more so that she struggles with hair loss. Therefore, her best option is to keep the look she currently has. Though she has tried to step outside of the box, it does not work for her. Yes, she has attempted to seek medical help but at this point, this style is what is best for her. Cristina just wanted to set the record completely straight for those who feel the need to constantly bring it up.

A Controversial Relationship

Aside from Kathy’s hair, she and Cristina have had their personal struggles as seen on sMothered. Cristina’s husband has become quite successful with his pizzeria so he is looking to expand. This is not flying for Kathy as she worries it will take her daughter away from her. Fans have commented that maybe she should go work with the couple and help out. That way she can both contribute but be closer to them all at the same time.

Cristina, Kathy

Obviously, it is a testament to their tight bond when Cristina is quick to jump to her mother’s defense. She did not throw jibs or jabs but was well-spoken and laid it out quite well. It is sad that Kathy has to go through something like this and then be scrutinized. However, she has love and support from her daughter. That must mean the world to her whenever she is feeling down.

Were you shocked to learn the truth about Kathy’s hair? Let us know in the comments and watch sMothered Mondays on TLC.

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