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Kelly Ripa Begs For Ryan Seacrest Underwear Photos, Why?

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Kelly Ripa begged for underwear photos of Ryan Seacrest. This comes after the two co-hosts have exchanged swipes at each other for the past few broadcasts. Ryan made sure to get his digs in. Fans have been sharing their reaction to the two all week long and they think Ryan deserves better.

The American Idol host has been jilted again. This time, it was by his friend, who shared an embarrassing story about him live on the air. This racy story has Kelly begging for photos of him. She was informed that he used to pose for an underwear ad, which was featured on a billboard.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]

Ryan Seacrest’s shocking racy past

On the latest episode of Live With Kelly and Ryan, the co-hosts discussed school lunches and said that moms sometimes turn it into a competition. Ryan Seacrest told Kelly that his former roommate was in the audience. He shared a story about him struggling to make four kids’ lunches. Ryan told his friend that it was great to have him in the studio and that they will speak after the show.

Kelly asked his friend for embarrassing photos of Ryan Seacrest. His friend Brady said he recalls a time when the television producer posed in just his underwear. The ad ended up on a billboard.

“I was searching,” Brady explained. “And I went back to when he just started radio. He did a stunt on Sunset Blvd on a billboard in leopard underwear.”

Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
Ryan Seacrest closed his eyes and wanted to hide. Kelly begged to see the photos. The producer wanted to know who handed the microphone to Brady. His friend teased the hosts that the photos are probably floating around the internet.

“It has to exist somewhere,” Brady teased. “And I’m sure you guys can find it.”

Ryan Seacrest joked that he had to make a name for himself somehow. During the shoot, he posed along the Hollywood sign in his leopard print underwear. One crew member suggested that he should reenact the photo shoot. Ryan joked that Brady is lucky that he “passed the COVID test” before changing the subject.

Idol host has underwear stories

For some reason, Ryan Seacrest almost always has a story involving his underwear. It’s been a hot topic on Live for the past few years. Earlier this year, Ryan shared that he almost went commando during the live season finale of American Idol. His stylist informed him that his underwear was too sheer to wear underneath his suit.

Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest [YouTube]
Since his stylist is a guy, he had an extra pair of underwear on him. Ryan didn’t want to flash millions of people at home, so he went along with it. During a summer broadcast of Live, he almost flashed the audience when he walked out with his fly down. His guest co-host Carson Kressley was impressed with his fashion snafu.

What are your thoughts on Ryan Seacrest being an underwear model? Do you want to see the photos? Do you think it’s TMI? Sound off below in the comment section.

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