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‘The View’ Joy Shows Perverted Side As Sunny Shares Dirty DMs

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Despite being just shy of 80 years old, The View host Joy Behar revealed she still had a perverted side during a conversation with her co-stars. In fact, the conversation involving Joy and her co-stars managed to get so spicy that the off-screen producer was forced to step in and pull the plug on the conversation. What did the panel of The View discuss that revealed Joy Behar was feeling frisky?

The View: Joy Behar reveals her perverted side

During a Hot Topics segment on the show, Sunny Hostin revealed she received an unsolicited d*ck pic on WhatsApp recently. The View star Joy Behar instantly perked up and wanted to know more about the photo Sunny received. Viewers quickly noticed how eager Joy seemed to be about getting the dirty details on Sunny’s NSFW DMs. Some fans of the talk show were shook to see this perverted side of Joy was still thriving at her age.

While Sunny explained she deleted the photo immediately because she wasn’t interested, Sunny wanted all the details. She wanted to know what the photo looked like. Was the manhood in the photo distorted? How big was it? Did it look strange? She wanted ALL the dirty details on Sunny’s unwanted DM.

Sunny Hostin Renews Deal With The View [The View | YouTube]
[The View | YouTube]
Sunny Hostin admitted the body part in the photo was huge and she exclaimed she thought she was going to die after looking at it. An off-screen producer was quick to cut the conversation off before Joy and Sunny continued to go into any more detail about what was in the photo. Their co-host Ana Navarro was finally able to take a breath of fresh air as it became apparent she had no desire to discuss the current topic.

The View - Joy Behar - Youtube
The View – Joy Behar – Youtube

Can a woman her age still get frisky?

According to multiple outlets including The Guardian and Home Care, it isn’t unfounded to think Joy Behar still has an active s*x life. In fact, multiple studies show women in their 80s have more fun with that aspect of their life compared to women in their 50s. Considering Ana Navarro is 50 and Joy Behar is 79, it stands to reason that Joy could be having a more exciting and satisfying intimate private life than her co-star.

Does it surprise you to learn Joy Behar still has a perverted side considering she’s 79? Do you think Joy also receives unsolicited NSFW pics in her DMs? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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