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Ana Navarro Thanks God Producer Cuts Show Off Abruptly

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Ana Navarro revealed her personal life isn’t nearly as spicy as some of her co-stars on The View after a conversation during the Hot Topics segment on a recent episode left both her and an off-screen producer sweating. Turns out, the conversation got so spicy that the off-screen producer abruptly cut the discussion off with a commercial break. The producer’s decision to cut to a commercial break left Ana Navarro thanking God as she had no interest in contributing to the risque conversation.

What exactly did Ana Navarro’s co-stars discuss that made both her and the producer so uncomfortable? Keep reading for the details.

'The View' Fans Upset, Want Ana Navarro As New Host
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Ana Navarro thanks God as the show gets cut off

During a Hot Topics segment on a recent episode of The View, the panel started up a conversation about dirty text messages. At first, the conversation was relatively innocent with Alyssa Farah Griffin opening up about sending dirty messages and photos to her husband because they were long distance. The conversation quickly spun into how familiar these women were with receiving unwanted d*ck pics from guys they didn’t know.

Sara Haines chimed in to point out that simply because they were famous there were some men that couldn’t help themselves. And, she was sure that any of her co-stars could go into their filtered messages on any social media profile and find a few NSFW photos.

The View - Sara Haines - Joy Behar - Youtube
The View – Sara Haines – Joy Behar – Youtube

As the conversation got more steamy with graphic details, Ana Navarro became more than a little uncomfortable. Starting to sweat and worry about the direction of the conversation, the off-screen producer made the decision to cut to a commercial break and force the women to switch topics.

The View star has been in the headlines recently, why?

For unrelated reasons, Ana Navarro has found herself landing in headlines recently because of an ongoing feud between her, Alyssa Farah Griffin, and Meghan McCain. As fans of the talk show know, Alyssa and Meghan were ultimately the replacements for Meghan on the panel. Meghan recently called attention to the fact that it took production two years to find someone to replace her and they had to find two people just to fill the void she left behind. The trio has been in a bit of an ongoing feud firing catty comments back and forth at each other.

The View - Sunny Hostin - Ana Navarro - Youtube
The View – Sunny Hostin – Ana Navarro – Youtube

After avoiding chiming in on the conversation, Ana was quick to express how relieved she was the conversation was over. “Thank the lord above. I have nothing to say,” she exclaimed.

What do you think about Ana Navarro and the off-screen producer getting uncomfortable with this spicy conversation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more on The View.

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  1. I used to tape the show so I didn’t miss it. Now I haven’t watched it in years primarily because of the stubbornly opinionated nastiness of the participants. There’s enough meanness in the world without subjecting myself to their snide and sometimes ignorant remarks

    1. If you don’t like uncomfortable conversations then it’s not the show for you it’s about the good and the bad and possibly what can we do about it or maybe just voicing our opinion it’s a good show keep up the good work

  2. Movie stars celebrities are good at their job because they like to show off and let everyone know what they are doing. That’s why it’s so hard for some of them to get old. Please know that they are not that important. They should concer themselves with more important issues


  4. I don’t think trash talking, meanness or sex talk belongs on daytime tv. There are too many children who do not need to be taught these messages.

    1. Why would you have kids watching talk shows with contents they are too young to understand is beyond me. When my child was young, she had a small tv in the living room for her to watch, while I watched mine in my bedroom that was a door away. My policy was all doors stay open.

    2. there is difference between having an opinion and trying to force your thinking on someone else.if you do not agree with these people they get nasty and bash you. Horrible human beings..can’t stand show

  5. I watch the view every chance I get now that Meghan McCain has bit the dust.
    That young lady annoyed me so much with her childish antic. My daughter loves
    het,she said even though she acts like an entitled brat. I on the other hand love
    Ana,Whoopi ,Sara and Sunny. The new guest I am not that fond of.
    I guess time will tell. The one thing that bothers me is the talking over one another
    the conversation gets lost in the sauce. Joy I find to be hilarious with her sometime
    snarky remarks. However, she does tell it like it is as the old saying goes.
    I’ve been watching this show since the days of Barbara Wa,wa.🥰

  6. I find the program to be disgusting. One woman especially believes she is an expert on every topic. Time to cancel the program.

  7. When I forget how ignorant and racist self proclaimed “celebrities” are.. I turn on the View clown show.

  8. I absolutely agree with the decision of the producer! They need to put a little class back in the show. Good for Ana Navarro.

  9. Bunch of racist bitches on show and they get upset at a little sex talk. How hypocritical. All they do is spew hate. Alyssa is too smart and good for show. Get off show. You are a token. They do not care about your opinions.

  10. I totally agree. I loved Joy but now she’s just nasty. Whoppee cuts you off if she doesn’t agree with you. I thought this show was supposed to be an open discussion about this world. Now it seems like a screaming and name calling has become the norm if opinions differ! Very sad. Barbara Walters, this is not your original
    Show anymore!

    1. This show used to be good
      And now there just against each other
      And yes a few of them are nasty
      But good for Anna for speaking up
      And there is no need for some of the words
      Or comments that are said at times

  11. The View goes off the rails sometimes. It is not a boring show. I can’ t stand when they yell to be heard. Maybe politics topics should be given a break sometimes!!

    1. Yes they do tell a lot and interrupt each other a lot
      I feel it gets to heated at times
      And they should really change the subject
      On some topics

    2. Not at all that interesting to me as in past seasons think a new panel might help, keep Joy and Sarah then move on!!!

  12. Cancel the show immediately and have everyone currently and previously associated with this joke of a show deported to Ukraine. Once they are all gone the average intelligence of the US citizenship will increase by at least 50%. Have a nice day.

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