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‘Teen Mom’: Jenelle Evans Home Deemed A ‘Dump’ By Fans

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans is constantly being criticized for her parenting skills or lack thereof. It appears she just lets her kids do whatever they want. At times, she and her husband David Eason seem to not even acknowledge that they have children. Now, the couple is coming under fire for the way they keep their home. Fans had a lot to say after Jenelle showed the kind of garbage that is left laying about. Read on for more details.

A Teen Mom Disaster-piece

Jenelle Evans loves to show off what she is doing on social media. Whether she is lounging or with her kids, she is always on. Recently, she was promoting her OnlyFans when she noticed something while filming. A half-eaten apple core was on the floor so she called out to her husband David who rushed to her side. According to The Sun, he told her to put it in the garbage, assuming it was hers. She quickly let him know that it was from their children and she had found it on the floor.

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Jenelle has two sons, Jace (13) and Kaiser (8) from previous relationships. She and David share Ensley who is five. “We go through our house when the kids leave for school every day, and always find something new. You have to look under the cabinet, in the cabinets, and the TV cabinet, and underneath your couches, underneath your recliners,” Jenelle explained. However, fans were quick to find this situation disgusting and called her parenting “lazy.”

  • “The state of the house is so pathetic.”
  • “They don’t actually parent their kids and their house is ALWAYS a dump.”
  • “No, I don’t go through the house after my kids leave for school and pick up food. My kids and foster kiddos eat and the table and clean up their uneaten food.”
  • “My mom would lose it over crumbs. I have one friend whose kids do that s**t with food, don’t get it. They both work though.”
  • “Aren’t her kids way too old to be tossing sh** in TV cabinets and such? They don’t have a toddler. Discipline them!”

Not The First Time

This is not the first time that Jenelle Evans has come under fire for her parenting choices. Over the summer, she was taking pictures of Ensley on a rock. Unfortunately, fans worried that it was far too dangerous for the little girl. Then, she got Jace a dirtbike for his thirteenth birthday. However, many deemed this highly inappropriate and, again, dangerous for someone his age. Finally, fans called the mom of three out for her unhealthy lunches. Kaiser wanted peas in his meal so it was believed she could have packed less junky stuff. Now, there is the half-eaten floor apple.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans and the way she raises her family? Let us know in the comments below.

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