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Fans Deem Jenelle Evans’ Packed Kids Lunches ‘Disgusting’

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This is not Jenelle Evans’ week when it comes to parenting. Just the other day, she was called out for buying her son, Jace a dangerous birthday gift. Now, fans are coming after the mother of three for packing less than healthy school lunches. So, what exactly was in the bags? Read on to find out.

Jenelle Evans: Can’t Stay Out Of Trouble

From the time viewers first met Jenelle on 16 & Pregnant, she was defiant. She was getting into battles with her mother, Barbara as she wanted to be with her older boyfriend, Andrew. Eventually, Barbara gained custody of Jenelle’s eldest child, Jace. This was the best decision as the teen mom was getting into a lot of trouble and making poor choices with her men. She ended up getting pregnant and engaged but that fell apart. It was quite up and down, even after it ended.

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Jenelle now had her son, Kaiser as well as Jace, and then she met David Eason. The two fell in love and welcomed daughter, Ensley which prompted a wedding. They seemed very much in love but he had a dark side which came out when he shot and killed the family dog. Jenelle took her kids and claimed she was done with the marriage but went back a short time later. Ultimately, it got her fired from MTV as they did not want to work with her or David.

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Fans became frustrated with both her and her husband, the behavior that they constantly filmed, and some dangerous activities they engaged in. Most recently, they went on a family vacation where they took a photo on a ledge of a rock. Fans were immediately concerned for the safety of their youngest child, Ensley. Then, Jenelle gifted Jace with a dirt bike as an early birthday gift. It was deemed extremely dangerous. So, what is it about her homemade lunches that have fans up in arms?

‘Disgusting’ Lunches?

The other day, Jenelle Evans posted herself on Instagram packing up the lunches for her children. She threw in chickpeas, pretzels, a crumbled cookie, and a sandwich. Additionally, she had a small soda, a tiny cup of peas, and an ice pack. However, according to The Sun, fans, and followers were less than impressed with what she was serving. They slammed it as an “all-brown lunch” which apparently she frequently makes. “Ya that looks f**king disgusting. There’s other vegetables aside from peas in a fruit cup served COLD. You monster…..” one noted.

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In the video, she shared that Kaiser was the one who wanted peas and that he is “obsessed” with them. That led fans on a tangent. “‘It was Kaiser’s idea to have peas for lunch.’ Your kid is literally begging for a vegetable, Jen,” a followed chimed in. Another added: “She can’t be bothered to prep some proper fruit and veg for her kids. Literally celery, carrots, or snap peas would be so much cheaper than those pre-packaged grey-green peas she added. Only problem is that it would require effort.”

How do you feel about Jenelle’s choices for lunchtime? Should she listen a bit closer to her kids or is she taking the easy way out? Let us know in the comments.

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