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‘Live’ Sweaty & Hot Kelly Ripa Takes It Off On Air

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In addition to hosting a talk show, Kelly Ripa is also the host of a new game show called Generation Gap. The talk show and game show host got a little hot and bothered during a recent episode of Generation Gap. According to The Sun, Kelly became so uncomfortably hot and bothered that she was forced to take some of her clothing off to cool down.

Kelly Ripa becomes overheated, has to take it off

During Thursday’s episode of Generation Gap, the children contestants were very ready for the next question. Kelly, however, was not. The talk show and game show host apologized to the contestants and the audience. After apologizing a second time, she proceeded to struggle with her clothing. It was apparent she was uncomfortable. The hot and sweat talk show and game show host asked if anyone would mind if she took her jacket off.

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After a brief pause, Kelly Ripa realized no one was really going to care if she took her jacket off. So, she wasted no more time peeling the hot and sweaty jacket off her tiny body. Kelly passed her jacket to someone on the crew before collecting herself and returning to the game.

After a round of applause from the audience, Kelly hosted the rest of the game with a translucent black top. Fortunately, she had a thin camisole on underneath to secure the girls. You can see it all here, click link. 

She wasn’t met with much sympathy from viewers

On Twitter, most fans admit they weren’t surprised she suffered a hot flash and questioned why she opted to wear a jacket to begin with knowing she would be on a stage in front of hot cameras and lights. Turns out, this isn’t the first time Kelly Ripa has admitted to having a hot flash while she was on television. Last year, the talk show host complained about having a hot flash while she was on TV. Many viewers complained they were sick of having to go through her hot flashes with her.

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Moreover, some viewers noted Generation Gap was a family show with rather young contestants. So, they questioned if the outfit she was left with after ditching the jacket was really an appropriate choice.

What do you think about Kelly Ripa stripping her clothing while she was on the air? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more talk show news.

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