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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Canceled? Pat Sajak Says ‘End Is Near’

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Is Wheel of Fortune getting canceled? Pat Sajak agrees that Wheel of Fortune has far exceeded anything anyone could have expected from a TV show. The game first debuted back in 1975 and it’s been going strong ever since. While Pat Sajak wasn’t the original host of the game, he has been the host for the past four decades. So, it is hard for people who grew up watching Wheel of Fortune to picture anyone else as the host. 

Sadly, Pat Sajak told ET during an exclusive interview that “the end is near” regarding his time on the show. He explained that he’s been hosting the show for 40 years and he knows he doesn’t have another 40 years to give to the show. In fact, it sounds like he’s preparing to retire from hosting the game show. While seeing Pat Sajak walk away is the last thing fans of Wheel of Fortune want, they understand that at 75 years old he may just be ready to relax.

Pat Sajak Rushes Vanna White [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
What would Pat Sajak retiring mean for the show? Would Wheel of Fortune be canceled if Pat Sajak retires? Or, would they find someone else capable of filling his shoes as the new host? Fortunately, the game show host did chime in regarding his thoughts on the future of the show.

Will Wheel of Fortune be canceled?

Pat Sajak told ET that his days as a game show host were numbered and the end was near. He, however, clarified that did not extend to the game show itself. Pat joked that he fully believed the game show would outlive him and continue to do well without him. He reassured anyone reading the interview that the game show wasn’t going anywhere just because he was talking about retiring.

As game show fans recall, Jeopardy! fans were devastated when they lost Alex Trebek. While most agreed no one would ever be able to fill his shoes, the higher-ups were able to recast new hosts so the game could continue to move forward as one of the most popular programs on television.

Pat Sajak Makes Vanna White Cringe [Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
[Wheel Of Fortune | YouTube]
Pat Sajak retiring from Wheel of Fortune is devastating. It’s something no one wants to happen. It, however, sounds like it is going to happen in the near future. Fortunately, it does not sound like the game show is going to retire with him. So, fans don’t have to worry about Wheel of Fortune being canceled. At least, not now.

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