‘Wheel Of Fortune‘: How Old Is Pat Sajak?

Pat Sajak from Uncommon Knowledge, YouTube

Wheel Of Fortune just wouldn’t be the same without long-time host Pat Sajak. The current version of the popular game show has been running since the 1970s, with Pat Sajak serving as the host since 1981. Over the years, Pat has accumulated many awards for his role on the show and many viewers can’t imagine the series without him.

But just how old is Pat Sajak anyway? He’s been on the series for 41 years and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down anytime soon. Fans want to know!

Pat Sajak has had a long, healthy career in the media

Seasoned Wheel Of Fortune fans have a lot of opinions and don’t like it when their favorite game show changes. Fans took to the internet to slam the new laser board and pleaded for the exec team to change it back. If anything happened to Pat Sajak or Vanna White, fans may very well just stop watching altogether.

The good news is that Pat Sajak doesn’t seem interested in leaving the show. But how much longer can he host for? He’s been part of the show for 41 years, after all.

Pat Sajak from ABC News
Pat Sajak/ABC News

As per his Wikipedia page, Pat Sajak was born in Chicago on October 26, 1946. This means that he will turn 76-year-old this fall. Most people know him from his role on Wheel Of Fortune, but he also served as a disc jockey for the Armed Forces Radio during the Vietnam War. He also hosted the short-lived Pat Sajak Show from 1989–1990.

Although he’s been a staple of the series for many years, lately some fans have pointed out that Pat’s comments are controversial. Some people don’t care for the way he talks to Vanna White from time to time, even if he insists it’s in jest.

Fans are stoked for Wheel Of Fortune Season 40

Pat Sajak may be in his mid-70s now, but he still has a lot of love for the show. And it doesn’t appear that he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Wheel Of Fortune is back for Season 40 and he’s prepared to host the show and entertain fans.

“Season 40 is a big deal, we’re having bigger prizes, bigger puzzles – they hate when I say that but it’s true,” show EP Bellamie Blackstone announced. However, the new puzzle board has been a hot-button issue with fans online. Ultimately, viewers remain divided. But no matter what fans think, there will be plenty of fun and excitement to see this season.

Catch new episodes of Wheel Of Fortune Monday nights on ABC starting at 7 PM eastern time. Don’t miss out on the latest to come from Season 40! It’s surely going to be a milestone season to remember.

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