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Whoopi Goldberg Hides Shocking Body Part Her Entire Life

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Whoopi Goldberg has been on television and the big screen thousands of times in her life. During that time, people ridiculed her for a number of reasons, but she managed to keep one shocking thing to herself. Despite being in the spotlight for decades, Whoopi has kept this body part under wraps. Keep reading to see why she finally revealed her secret (and what it is).

Whoopi Goldberg Has Been Missing These All Along

In a recent episode of The View, the panelists were discussing the recent “no brow” trend. Many celebrities like Doja Cat and even Kendall Jenner have been shaving off their eyebrows.

Hosts of 'The View' discussing the no brow trend - Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

During the conversation, Whoopi’s cohosts noted that she was missing her eyebrows and she responded by telling them she’s been shaving them forever. In fact, she’s been shaving them completely off since she was a child. She was far ahead of the latest no-brow trend. According to Whoopi, her mother first shaved them off when she started to have skin issues. Once the hair was removed, she no longer had recurring bumps. So, Whoopi never stopped the practice.

When asked why she has never grown them back, Whoopi said she doesn’t recognize her own face with eyebrows. The only time she sports any is when she is working on a movie. In that case, the eyebrows are put on and removed after filming is wrapped for the day.

Cohosts And Fans Are Shocked They Never Noticed

Her cohosts were flabbergasted. Sara Haines said that she’d never noticed Whoopi’s nonexistent brows. Ana Navarro agreed to say that she was “today years old” when she learned that fact about Whoopi.

While they were confused about how they have never noticed, Whoopi took a moment to explain. “Listen, what you can see on my face, you know where they went,” she said on the show. “You know where they are. You see. So when you’re looking at me, your eye sees eyebrows when there are none.” She took off her glasses to show the audience. 

Whoopi showing that she has no brows on 'The View' - Whoopi Goldberg - YouTube/The View

Credit: YouTube/The View

Her cohosts aren’t the only ones who have neglected to notice though. Whoopi shared that she’d actually married a man who didn’t realize she didn’t have any eyebrows until after they’d said: “I do.”

Fans of The View have chimed in on the discussion on Twitter too. A few people said that the missing brows were less noticeable due to the expressive nature of Whoopi’s face. Most of them didn’t even realize that Whoopi didn’t have eyebrows prior to this conversation on The View though.

Did anyone else know that Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t have eyebrows? I never noticed until now,” one person tweeted. Dozens of other people made tweets agreeing that they’d never noted that her brows weren’t there. Did you notice that Whoopi Goldberg didn’t have eyebrows before now? Let us know in the comments!

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