Gwen Stefani Nervous In Return To ‘The Voice’

Gwen Stefani Talks The Voice

Gwen Stefani is one of two new coaches coming to The Voice in Season 22. However, unlike fellow newcomer Camila Cabello, Gwen has experience on the show. She has not only coached for multiple seasons, but she even won the entire thing in Season 19.

However, in an interview leading into the premiere of the new season, Gwen said that she is “nervous” about coming back to the reality TV competition series.

Gwen Stefani on why she is nervous returning to The Voice

Gwen Stefani last appeared on The Voice as a coach in Season 19. She was successful that season, leading Carter Rubin to the finale and winning it all in 2020. She then left the show for the next two seasons, replaced by Nick Jonas and then Ariana Grande. However, big things happened while Gwen was away from The Voice.

Gwen got married to fellow The Voice coach Blake Shelton. The two actually got to know each other on the show. Gwen has coached for five seasons before heading into Season 22. When she first came on the show, she was married to Bush lead singer Gavin Rossdale. Blake was married to fellow country singer Miranda Lambert. Those marriages ended and Gwen and Blake got married on July 3, 2021.

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on The Voice

That is why Gwen is nervous about returning to The Voice. In an exclusive interview with E! News, Gwen said, “I was really nervous to come back this season, being married to Blake. I don’t know why. It’d just been a while and I didn’t know what we were gonna act like.” This makes sense. Blake has a lot of fun on the show and he likes to throw barbs and insults at his fellow coaches.

There isn’t much of a chance this happens with his wife though. However, Gwen said that she isn’t normally competitive in life, but when it comes to The Voice, she is very competitive and will “fight dirty” to help her singers win if it comes down to it. Also in the interview, John Legend spoke up and said that he feels Gwen is more competitive than ever this season, while Blake is less so.

Gwen’s past success on The Voice

Gwen Stefani shouldn’t be too nervous about The Voice when it comes to competing on the show. She has plenty of experience. Gwen first coached on the reality competition in Season 7 and then returned in Season 9 for her second stint. In that first season, she even had her husband at the time, Gavin Rossdale, as an advisor.

Gwen was back as a part-time advisor herself in Season 10 for Team Blake and then came back to coach again in Season 12. She then took an extended leave before returning in Season 17 and Season 19. It was that last season where Gwen finally won it all. Carter Rubin became the youngest male winner ever, while giving Gwen her first and only title so far.

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