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Michael Strahan Breaks Silence About Haters, Turns Life Around

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GMA star Michael Strahan is no stranger to being hated or trapped under the weight of others’ opinions. During a recent podcast appearance, the Good Morning America star admits people had a certain perception of him after he retired from the NFL. People had this clear idea of who they thought Michael Strahan was. These opinions shoved the former NFL player into a box and suffocated him.

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GMA: Michael Strahan explains how he escaped

The talk show anchor shared a clip from his recent appearance on a podcast via both Twitter and Instagram. During the podcast, he admitted that he was in a really dark place after he retired from the NFL. He felt trapped under the weight of other people’s thoughts and opinions. He feared people were only ever going to see him as an NFL player.

Powerful moment for me to realize I needed to create what I wanted to be. This could be for anyone who feels like they are trapped by the opinions of others.

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Michael Strahan explained that he realized he was only trapped under the opinions of others because he allowed those opinions to carry so much weight. The GMA star just needed to find a way to pick himself up, get out of his own head, and decide who he really was.

The GMA star realized that people would only see him as no more than an NFL star if that was all he saw himself as. So, he got out there and found a way to show people he had so much more to offer. Once Michael got out of his own head and embraced other aspects of who he was as a person, the rest of the world did too.

The podcast clip concluded with Michael being asked one simple question. Who was he if not an NFL player?

Michael’s answer was simple: “A human being.” 

The Internet supports his realization

In response to the podcast, many people admitted they considered Michael Strahan to be an inspirational role model. A few even fessed up to the fact that they didn’t really like Michael when he was an NFL player.

One fan admitted: “As an Eagles fan I was not a Michael Strahan fan back in the day. But over the years I have done a 360 on Michael. He seems like such a stand up guy who really gets what life is all about. He appears to be honest, kind and empathetic. You can’t help but love him!!!”

“Amen. You have created how you saw yourself. I’m glad you didn’t take as long as I did.” Another chimed in.

Overall, there was nothing but love for Michael and his advice on being trapped under the opinions of others. What do you think about his advice on the podcast? Do you agree that people often forget celebrities are just humans?

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