Kourtney Kardashian Gets Ripped For Exploiting Fan’s Emotions

Kourtney Kardashian was recently announced as the sustainability partner of the fast fashion brand Boohoo. Yet, fans didn’t shy away from bashing her given how ironic this partnership is. After this news was out, she also spoke of the importance of sustainability in a video. However, it raised a lot of eyebrows given the lifestyle the Kardashians live.

Kourtney Kardashian Responds To BooHoo Backlash

From extensive use of private jets to unnecessary wastage of water, the Kardashians have been far from sustainable. So, it isn’t a surprise that fans aren’t happy with Kourtney’s latest partnership that reeks of hypocrisy. However, the Poosh owner recently spoke out over the response to her Boohoo sustainability announcement.

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The mother of three shared her response on Instagram in a post where she wrote, “I went back and forth about doing this collection with @boohoo because the first thing I think about when I hear the words fast fashion is that it is bad for our planet. Boohoo approached me to be a sustainability ambassador, and though I knew it would get backlash because the two just don’t go hand in hand, I thought about the fact that fast fashion, or the fashion industry in general, isn’t going anywhere.”

Kourtney Kardashian Plans Big Changes With This Partnership

She further talked about how she wishes to push Boohoo to make some initial changes and later hold them accountable for larger changes to create an impact. The reality star also mentioned that she was aware of the fact that this collaboration would definitely make some noise and she was just hoping for that.

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Later in her response, she also invited experts to give her suggestions on how best to work towards a sustainable future with Boohoo.

Fans Bash Kourtney For Being Exploiting People’s Emotions

The Instagram post was shared by a Reddit user where fans called her out on her hypocrisy.

One user commented, “Simply refuse and work with an actual sustainable line.”

“A lot of words…could have just said, I’d do anything for money,” wrote another.

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A third user spits facts and wrote, “This is complete bullshit from start to finish. BooHoo didn’t change anything for her line and they’re not going to take her ‘sustainability’ suggestions to heart. How about you stop using all the water in California Kourtney and actually practice what you preach? Bible.”

“I always think of how interesting their branding could’ve been if they actually cared about causes and partnered with companies making real changes to bring awareness to issues. I’m not saying it’s their responsibility (because capitalism) but it would’ve been a smart route, people could take them more seriously and they might actually feel some fulfillment in their lives,” wrote a fourth user.

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Another agreed and said, “Yup so true. Actually, do something instead of pretending and exploiting people’s emotions.”

Do you think Kourtney Kardashian is really feeding off of people’s emotions? Is this another failed attempt at promoting herself as a self-righteous individual? Share your thoughts in the comments! Plus, watch Season 2 of The Kardashians premiering September 22 on Hulu.

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