‘DWTS’: How Much Is Shangela’s Net Worth In 2022?

Shangela from Instagram

Shangela is proud to make history as the first Dancing With The Stars contestant to compete in drag. Out on the dance floor, Shangela will partner with DWTS heartthrob, Gleb Savchenko. Gleb has never won a season, but there’s a first time for everything. Fans are incredibly excited to see what the two can bring to the competition.

Now, fans are eager to get to know Shangela a little bit better. For example, how much is her net worth in 2022? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

Shangela is no stranger to the small screen

When not performing, Shangela identifies as a male and uses he/him pronouns. But while as Shangela, she uses she/her pronouns, so those will be used throughout the article.

“On the dancing nights, I’m going to be dressed as the doll, honey,” she told USA Today. “That’s my fiercest form as an entertainer. When I’m in drag, my pronouns are she/her. So seeing a drag queen with a male dancer is going to be something powerful. This is going to be a great space and an amazing platform to showcase that kind of representation.”

Based on Instagram activity, it seems like Shangela is getting along well with the other dancers contestants.

Cheryl Burke and Shangela from Instagram
Cheryl Burke/Instagram

So how much is her net worth in 2022?

MEAWW reports that Shangela is one of the highest-paid drag queens out there. Most fans remember her from RuPaul’s Drag Race, but she’s also had quite a few appearances in other shows such as Two Broke Girls, Community, Glee, and Bones. She even had a role in A Star Is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.

The publication estimates that Shangela is currently worth around one million dollars. And appearing on Dancing With The Stars is only going to boost her star power and lead to more roles and appearances. She’s definitely a rising star to keep an eye on!

The drag performer is going to bring it all out on the floor

Each year, Dancing With The Stars does its best to do better than it did the year before. Last year, Jenna Johnson and JoJo Siwa made history when they became the first same-sex couple to compete on the show. Now, it’s Shangela’s turn to change the game.

Shangela and Gleb Savchenko from Instagram
Gleb Savchenko/Instagram

“I’m the first person to ever be able to compete in drag on Dancing With The Stars in the history of the show here, so I hope that we show people that it’s all about the heart and soul of who you are as a person,” she said during DWTS press conference. “It doesn’t matter if it’s two men dancing together, if it’s a man or a drag entertainer like myself dancing together. It’s about the spirit of dance and the fun, and the ability to connect and to learn more about other people’s worlds.”

DWTS comes back for Season 31 on September 19. Tune in and see how Shangela and Gleb perform!

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