Gleb Savchenko Steps Out With Newest Romance — Who Is She?

Gleb Savchenko from Instagram

Over the past year, Dancing With The Stars fans watched Gleb Savchenko have a whirlwind love life. Now, it seems like he’s in a brand new relationship. But who is the lucky lady?

Us Weekly reports Gleb met model Elena Belle earlier this summer. And things are now getting hot and heavy, a source reportedly told the publication.

“Gleb and Elena went on their first vacation together to Miami Beach and stayed at Carillon Wellness Resort,” the insider allegedly told the publication. “This was the first time they got to spend a lot of time together after meeting on 4th of July.”

Elena Belle/Instagram

But this could get a little awkward — Gleb’s new girlfriend has the same name as his ex-wife, Elena Samodanova. Gleb’s former wife was less than thrilled when he went on vacation with a different girlfriend last fall. Fans will just have to wait and see how she reacts to the new girlfriend.

Gleb Savchenko and his new girlfriend are both single parents

According to Us Weekly, Gleb Savchenko and Elena Belle have quite a bit in common.

“They have bonded over their love of fitness and wellness and being single parents,” the source told Us. Gleb shares two daughters with Elena Samodanova. Elena Belle is the mother of a daughter she shared with her husband who passed away in 2020.

The Russian dancer previously joked that he would love to have his own reality TV show as he explores love as a single dad. But perhaps that’s no longer necessary if things with Elena Belle continue in the right direction.

The dancer makes plans to return to the ballroom this fall

Gleb and the new Elena apparently met through a mutual friend and are enjoying their time together as Gleb preps for the upcoming Dancing With The Stars season. No one knows which pro dancers will join the cast, but Gleb hopes he’ll be asked back.

“It’s crazy, it’s exciting. We’re all super excited that it’s officially out there, that we’re coming back,” the dancer told ET. “It’s usually a very last-minute moment when all the professional dancers have been notified and get a pickup letter. We don’t know who’s coming back yet … but it’s my family. I’m super excited for the show that we’re coming back, Season 30.”

Hopefully, Season 30 will be even better than Season 29. Although it was a miracle Season 29 happened at all amid the pandemic, many fans, cast, and crew members felt that it lacked the usual star quality that DWTS usually brings to the table.

Do you hope Gleb Savchenko will be back for Season 30? Who do you hope his celebrity partner will be? We’re curious to hear from you. Leave your ideas in the comments.

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