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‘Big Brother’ Turner’s Vote Could Change Everything

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Big Brother is getting more and more heated as the weeks go on and it gets closer to time to crown the winner. Now, there’s only five people left in the house and one in particular could change the game for everyone.

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead!

A showmance is brewing

It’s already been a crazy week in the house. After Michael went home during the double eviction last week, it seems the game has been flipped. He was once the ring leader and now, the houseguests are fending for themselves. For some of them, that means getting in a showmance at a pretty convenient time.

Taylor and Monte were spotted making out on the live feeds not long after Taylor was put on the block as a replacement nominee. Orginally, it was Brittany and Alyssa on the block. However, after Brittany won the POV, she saved herself. Up until this point, Monte and Turner have been in a final two. So, naturally, he had to resort to putting Taylor on the block.

It seems that she has found a way to keep herself safe this week though after getting intimate with Monte. Orginally, there was talk that the votes would be a tie. Monte even went as far as to tell Alyssa that he could vote to keep her should he get a say. It seems like Taylor may have caught wind of that and is doing everything she can to stay in the house.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Big Brother Turner could change it all

However, this makes things a bit weird for one houseguest in particular. AKA Turner – Monte’s final 2. Now that Monte and Taylor seem to be an item, is Monte going to ditch Turner in the end? This could be what ultimately changes the game yet again.

Fans are taking to Reddit to discuss what may happen. If Turner is nervous about losing his F2 then this seems like the perfect time to backdoor Taylor straight to the jury house.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

“It really comes down to turner. While at the moment, he’s adamant about keeping Taylor, there are still 2 days until eviction. He may be catching on to the fact that Taylor isn’t in her bed again tonight. What if they sleep over tomorrow? What if production gives another sexual wake up song? What if Alyssa’s plan to guilt trip him into a sympathy vote right before the eviction works? What if Turner wakes up and does the move that’s right for his game?” one user writes.

The house is constantly very back and forth, so, there’s really no way of telling who will end up going to the jury house this week. However, it seems that both Alyssa and Taylor might not want to get too comfortable.

Who do you think will leave the Big Brother house tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite houseguests!

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