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‘Big Brother’ Veto Plans, Is Taylor Going Home?

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It’s a new week in the Big Brother house, and things are getting serious. With just five houseguests left, any move could change the course of the rest of the game. Now, fans are wondering who is going to be going home this week. The Power of Veto may determine that.

Warning: Big Brother 24 Spoilers Ahead!

Big Brother Veto plans

Of course, every week in the Big Brother house, the HOH has a plan and the Power of Veto winner comes around to change it all. This week, Monte is in charge of the house. Initially, he nominated both Brittany and Alyssa to go up on the block. However, per usual, his plans were foiled when Brittany ended up taking the POV win for herself. This means she will most definitely be saving herself and Monte will have to put someone else up in her place.

According to Big Brother Network, Brittany is pitching a Turner backdoor to Monte this week. She wants Turner and Alyssa to go up and then send Turner home. This makes sense for Brittany because then, the girls have the power next week as the game starts to come to a close. However, needless to say, Monte isn’t going for this. He is in a final two with Turner and has made it clear that he wants to go to the end of the game with him.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

What does he want to do?

Of course, Monte has his own plans this week that don’t involve sending his biggest ally in the house home. Instead, he wants to put Taylor up in place of Brittany. This is also a hard one because he has been close with Taylor all season, however, it seems that he’s willing to sacrifice her in order to save Turner.

It seems likely that Alyssa will be voted out this week if she’s up against Taylor, and she’s starting to realize that too. Of course, when she asked Monte he told her that isn’t the plan and if it comes to a tie he doesn’t know who he will vote for yet. However, knowing these houseguests it seems likely that this could be Alyssa’s last week before heading to the jury house to be reunited with her showmance.

Big Brother | Youtube
Big Brother | Youtube

Do you think that Taylor or Alyssa should go home this week on Big Brother? Or, will Monte change his mind and put Turner up? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite BB drama.

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