Joy Forsyth Permanently Snubs Anna Duggar?

Joy Anna Forsyth from Instagram

Did Joy Forsyth actually snub her sister-in-law Anna Duggar? There’s definitely been a lot of familiar disconnects there for a while. Now that the world knows about Josh Duggar’s crimes, many members of the Duggar family seem to be distancing themselves from him. Since his wife Anna continues to support and defend him, they seem to be pulling away from Anna too.

Now, Redditors have come across information that indicates that Joy Forsyth may be permanently finished with Anna without hope of reconciliation. See what they dug up.

Joy Forsyth seems focused on keeping her peace these days

After everything that’s happened with the Duggars over the past few decades, fans aren’t shocked that Joy Forsyth would want to part ways with her brother and sister-in-law. These days, it seems like the former TLC star is opting to keep a lower profile and just focus on being a wife and mother. However, fans are always excited to hear from her when she does share with her audience members.

Joy Anna Forsyth from Instagram
Joy Forsyth/Instagram

One Redditor recently noticed that Joy no longer follows Anna on Instagram and had the receipts to back it up.

“Joy doesn’t follow Anna?” Redditor Geegitaly pointed out. They uploaded a screenshot of Instagram revealing that Joy didn’t follow anyone with Anna’s name.

Geegitaly from Reddit

“Austin follows Anna but joy unfollowed her,” another Redditor replied.

“As angered as Austin was at the trial, I can see him following Anna just to keep a finger on what the defense is trying to do,” another user chimed in. However, not everyone thought that the drama was as intense as some Redditors made it out to be.

“It’s most likely Austin made an insta for the show or Joy convinced him it would fun and so she can tag him in stuff. So he created one and followed the family, maybe someone from TLC help set it up for him. He hardly posts on there and he doesn’t seem like a guy who gives AF about social media and Instagram drama,” another Redditor added. They went onto say that Austin likely has no idea who he’s following and doesn’t really care what Duggar fans think about it.

Joy Anna Forsyth from Instagram
Joy Forsyth/Instagram

Do you think that Joy is snubbing Anna by unfollowing her? Be sure to leave what you think in the comments. Share your own ideas.

The Forsyths choose to move on after all the drama and heartache

Now that the Forsyths are putting the past behind them, they’re focusing on their future as a family and their children. More recently, Joy has expressed a desire to homeschool their children. This move does make some fans a little nervous, but many are at least confident that Joy has her children’s best interests at heart always.

Stay tuned for more information on the Duggar family and see what happens next. There will be more stories to share soon.

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