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Fans Question Joy Forsyth’s Homeschooling Strategy For Gideon

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Duggar fans have many questions after Joy Forsyth gave them a look at Gideon’s homeschool setup. Something she shared has fans wondering whether his education is appropriate. Keep reading to get all of the details.

Joy recently returned to social media after several months away. She enjoyed her quality time with her two kids, Gideon, 4, and Evelyn, 2. But now, she is finally back online.

Joy Forsyth Instagram

Since she returned to Instagram, Joy Forsyth has been giving fans a peek at her typical days with her two young kids. While most of this content is lighthearted and well-received, a recent post has raised some concerns among fans.

Joy Forsyth gives a peek into her son Gideon’s homeschool days

On her Instagram Stories this week, Joy showed fans what she’s working on with Gideon. The mom of two said that he will be starting pre-K4 “in a few weeks.” It’s unclear if he will be doing that at home or at a school nearby. Joy was homeschooled, as Duggar fans know. So, it’s possible she’s planning to homeschool her kids, too.

In the photo below, you can see Gideon laying on a bed in front of the TV. Joy wrote, “Watching Preschool Prep for ‘school’ today!” A children’s show can be seen on the TV screen and it looks like Gideon is watching it intently.

Joy Forsyth Instagram

Duggar fans have concerns about Gideon’s education

Over on Reddit, Duggar fans are discussing this recent Instagram story from Joy Forsyth’s profile. And many of them are concerned about whether Gideon’s education is appropriate.

Someone questioned, “Their preschool is watching TV?”

One fan wrote, “Nothing summarizes why people look down on homeschooling more than homeschool parents who just park their kids in front of the TV and call it education.”

Another one chimed in and said, “I’m hoping he’s starting pre-k4 at an actual school with actual qualified teachers. They do such a disservice to these kids by homeschooling them.”

Joy-Anna Forsyth, YouTube
Joy-Anna Forsyth, YouTube

It’s worth noting that Joy Forsyth did put “school” in quotation marks in her post, so maybe she just uses TV shows to supplement his education throughout the summer. Fans certainly hope his actual homeschooling is more serious than sitting in front of the TV watching educational videos.

So, what do you think of Joy Forsyth’s son, Gideon, watching TV during the school day? Do you think it’s adequate? Share your thoughts in the comments section. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates about the Duggars.

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