Has Drew Barrymore Gone Overboard With Audience Protocol?

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Drew Barrymore has always been known for her fun and free-spirited nature. Understandably, the pandemic changed a lot of people and made them much more cautious. With her talk show, she has standards and protocols that the audience members must follow. This is commonplace when going to see a live show. However, has she taken her demands a tad too far and over the top? It seems to be that way. Read on to see what it takes to sit in her audience comfortably, without trouble.

Is It Tough To Be At The Drew Barrymore Show?

Actress-turned- talk show host Drew Barrymore has a variety of guests on her show. From Justin Long to Katy Perry to John Cena and more, it is a super fun show you want to be an audience member of. Or maybe you do not. According to The Sun, the list of rules that the audience must follow is a tad excessive. A source shared some of them and it starts with all phones off, prior to walking into the studio. Phones cannot even be used during breaks so checking for emergencies is off-limits. Furthermore, the audience is watched throughout the taping to ensure they are following this rule. More so, what makes the phone rule even sadder is that Drew apparently has a really sweet and pretty studio.

Drew Barrymore/YouTube

Another rule that visitors must abide by is no autographs. Despite Drew being an author, entrepreneur, and movie icon, audience members must hold back the urge to get anything signed. “Audience members often come with her books, famous magazine covers and more hoping Drew will sign their items. But fans are instructed that they are unable to ask Drew, who often interacts and talks to her audience members during filming breaks, for an autograph,” a source shared.

Can The Show Last?

The Drew Barrymore Show is now in its third season but its ratings are not the best. Apparently, it averaged around 500K viewers a day so they are looking for ways to revamp it. Yes, they have seen the likes of her bestie, Cameron Diaz, and Bravo phenom Andy Cohen but is that enough for it to stay afloat? It does not help that the audience has to feel so displaced and uncomfortable while watching a taping. Drew rose to fame as a young actress in E.T. then went on to have her own battles with substance abuse.

Drew Barrymore/YouTube

She experienced a massive resurgence in such films as Boys On The Side, The Wedding Singer, Charlie’s Angels, Scream, Never Been Kissed, 50 First Dates, and many more. Now, she has her own cosmetics line as well as two young daughters. She seems to really want to make this show work but she might have to bend just a little. What are your thoughts on her strict audience rules? Let us know and watch The Drew Barrymore Show on weekdays.

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  1. Price is Right I stopped watching because no audience anymore.Drew Barrymore show looks like it’s being broadcast from Beijing.

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