Katy Perry Flaunts Hot ‘Mom Bod’ In New American Idol Promo [See Video]

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When Katy Perry was last on American Idol, she had just become a new mom. While still beautiful, she was still wearing forgiving clothing and adjusting to the physical changes that motherhood brings. Now, a year later, America’s favorite rebel diva is back and showing off her freshly toned ‘mom bod’ ahead of the upcoming Idol premiere.

Katy Is Back For A New Season Of Idol

As 2021 rounds the final bend, Idol fans are already waiting on pins and needles for the next season to begin. So is pop diva superstar Katy Perry. At the end of the 19th season of the iconic talent show, Katy Perry was a new mom and was likely excited to have a break from filming to enjoy settling into her new life with baby Daisy.

Now, more than a year later – the singer is back in the game and is ready to share the show’s latest talent finds with the world. Obviously, while new episodes of the show are still a few months off, the auditions and beginning rounds of the show have been in production for some time.

So, while we still have quite a wait ahead of us – that won’t stop Katy from getting fans amped up well in advance.

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Millennials Are Feeling Their Age

The American Idol judges are revved up and ready to go. The sassy trio of superstars are all returning for another Idol journey – and this year, they are celebrating a huge milestone. This year is the official 20th season of American Idol. Yes Millennials, – you are now officially feeling your age. Remember the night Kelly Clarkson won the very first season of American Idol? Yea – you were preteens – and that was 20 years ago.

Regardless of how many of you are off to go make sure your grays aren’t showing, Katy Perry is celebrating the iconic show’s birthday – and wants us to celebrate alongside her.

Katy Perry Shows Off Epic Mom Bod On Instagram

Yesterday, Katy took to social media to announce to her followers that Season 20 was ‘underway.’ The brazen brunette posted on Instagram on Tuesday, sharing a series of photos that were definitely garnering some attention.

Katy posted in front of a larger than love Idol sign. Each of the IDOL letters was covered in mirror reflective glass. The singer wore a stunning orange, strapless, leather dress. The top section of the dress was segmented and pleated like a corset. The frock was slim and fitted around the hip before flaring outward into a thigh-high split on one side.  While modest in the chest area, the dress certainly showed off a lot of legs. The pictures that Katy shared were taken from low angles which definitely give the viewer a birds-eye view of Katy’s flawless, toned legs.

Perry paired the gorgeous orange garment with a pair of cream heels with a see-through-toe area. The celeb wore her hair styled long and parted down the center. It flowed down around her shoulders gracefully. Her makeup had a lovely, natural flow to it and featured a smooth, nude lipstick and a tasteful smoky area.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans in the comment section cheered the artist on. Many lovingly caller her a ‘MILF’. Others praised her  for bravely showing off her smoking hot curves proudly.

The long-awaited twentieth season of American Idol will begin early in 2022. Despite the anticipation, the network hasn’t given an official release date. Fans, however, say that if going by previous years’ show schedules are any inclination, they expect the show to air on February 13, 2020.

Stay Tuned to TV Shows Ace for the latest tea on the newest season of American Idol. 

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  1. It has been a fine year for Katy Perry and thanks to American Idol will pilot her chat show taking over from Ellen DeGeneres

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