Derek Hough Gives Sneak Peek Inside ‘DWTS’ Season 31

Derek Hough from Live With Kelly and Ryan

Derek Hough is excited to return as a judge for Dancing With The Stars Season 31. It’s a brand new year and the show is moving to a new platform. Starting on September 19, fans can stream the newest season live on Disney+.

Now that the show is on a different platform, viewers can expect quite a few changes to the show’s format. The DWTS family can’t give everything away yet, but Derek Hough is willing to give audience members a sneak peek. Keep reading to see what you can anticipate.

Derek Hough is excited about the changes ahead of DWTS Season 31

Now that the DWTS Season 31 premiere is just around the corner, many members of the team are doing interviews to get people excited. Derek Hough recently made an appearance on Live With Kelly and Ryan to discuss the newest season. He’s going to keep his spot at the judges’ table, but he’s also going to be choreographing and performing this year too.

Derek Hough from Live With Kelly and Ryan
Derek Hough/Live With Kelly and Ryan

And the good news is that there won’t be any commercials.

“It’s actually quite nice. Like when Bruno [Tonioli] talks for an hour and I have three seconds to say something profound and amazing that changes people’s lives, but I only have three seconds, so you know,” Derek joked, alluding that now all the judges will have more time to speak.

Derek Hough from Instagram
Derek Hough/Instagram

In the past, the performers relied on commercial breaks for costume changes. Viewers are still interested to see how that will all play out now that commercial breaks are over.

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 has quite a lot in store for viewers

There’s definitely a lot to get excited about ahead of Season 31. For example, Mark Ballas and Louis Van Amstel will return to the ballroom this year. It’s been quite some time since either has been part of DWTS, so viewers are really excited to welcome them back.

The celebrity cast list features 16 contestants from many different walks of life. From TikTok star Charli D’Amelio to entertainer Wayne Brady, there’s no shortage of talent ready to compete this year.

Themed weeks are also expected to make a comeback, including Michael Buble week. Disney Week and Halloween Week are expected to take place, but a full list of the themed weeks hasn’t come out yet.

And from the sounds of it, Derek Hough will wow audience members with more of his memorable routines. Many fans are still talking about his fiery Paso Doble from Season 29.

Are you excited to see what Dancing With The Stars Season 31 has in store? Tune in on September 19 and see what Derek Hough and the rest of the DWTS family bring to the table. Stay tuned for more stories just like this one!

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  1. Put Dancing with the Stars back on ABC! I like Dancing with the Stars but if it goes on Disney + I won’t be able to see it. What a big disappointment. Either put it back on ABC or make Disney + FREE. You’re going to lose viewers. đŸ˜„

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