‘RHOBH’: Did Diana Jenkins Really Miss Reunion Due To Covid?

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Last week, the Season 12 RHOBH Reunion was filmed. Prior to it even beginning, word got out that newbie Diana Jenkins would not be in attendance. Then, TMZ later revealed that she would actually be attending however virtually. The reason given was that the housewife had come down with Covid. Now, a few things are being questioned. First off, did she even have the virus, and secondly, why do people in this franchise avoid reunions? Is there really a set-in-stone answer?

Diana Jenkins Avoids The RHOBH Reunion

Fans have had mixed emotions about Diana Jenkins since she burst onto the scene this season. They think she is somewhat of a bully and wanted her to be held accountable for her actions at the reunion. So, when she said she was not coming, it was a mixed bag of feelings. More so, many viewers questioned if she even had the virus. Apparently, just a few days prior, she was out galavanting on vacation. They took to Twitter to vent their frustrations:

  • “Diana needs to be automatically fired for skipping the reunion. Lying about covid to avoid inevitable grilling is a punk move.”
  • “Diana if you scared to get dragged just say that!”
  • “Diana was just at the aquarium yesterday -out in public- and yet now she’s saying she has Covid and can’t come to reunion?? It’s giving coward. Let this be your first and last season girl. Bye.”
Diana Jenkins

It’s safe to say that most fans are not believing she had Covid though there are a few ride-or-die Diana fans who would like her to return for Season 13. “She’s the personification of all things BH. Glamour, Beauty, Designer & Diamonds! Nouveau riche, extra, an original..blunt, honest. Plus She’s charitable! She needs another season,” one fan tweeted. Unfortunately, missing a reunion has become commonplace for the RHOBH women and it doesn’t always bode well.

Reunion No-Shows

When the women of RHOBH have rough seasons, they tend to not always want to reunite, so to speak. Starcasm made a list of a few other housewives who did not show up. Unfortunately, for two of them, it spelled the end of their time on the series. The first was original cast member, Adrienne Maloof. She decided not to show up for the Season 3 reunion mainly because she did not want to deal with Brandi Glanville. Brandi had spilled the beans that Adrienne and Paul Maloof had used a surrogate. She was trying to prove a point but it went awry and it led to Adrienne getting fired.


Lisa Vanderpump faced off with her on-and-off best friend, Kyle Richards in the middle of Season 9, and by the end, she was on an island by herself. The Vanderpump Rules star had been accused of selling stories to Radar Online, which she vehemently denied. Prior to the taping of the reunion, she told the press she would not be in attendance or returning as a housewife. This was an off move as she had felt Adrienne not showing up was cowardly. Finally, Kim Richards did not appear during the Season 2 reunion simply because she was in rehab. Andy Cohen met with her one-on-one so her reasoning was completely valid.

Kim Richards

As for Diana, she has allegedly made racist remarks and been accused of being a madame. There is also fan and some cast backlash. Only time will tell how the reunion will play out and if Diana will be invited back for Season 13. Do you think she has Covid or was it just an excuse? Let us know in the comments and watch RHOBH Wednesdays on Bravo.





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