Why Isn’t A New Episode Of ‘Coronation Street’ On Tonight?

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As fans of Coronation Street know, Friday nights mean one thing: A new episode. Per the show’s programming, a new episode of the show should air tonight at 8 p.m. on ITV as the soap does every week on Fridays.

Sadly, fans of Coronation Street will be a bit disappointed when they tune in to watch the new episode only to find it isn’t on. Why isn’t a new episode of Coronation Street airing tonight (September 9th, 2022)? Turns out, there is a very simple reason why one of your favorite soaps isn’t airing a new episode tonight! Keep reading for the reason why.

Coronation Street - YouTube
Coronation Street – YouTube

Why isn’t a new episode of Coronation Street airing tonight?

According to The Sun, fans of Coronation Street are in for a bit of disappointment as a new episode will NOT be airing tonight. Turns out, the soap has been bumped from its normal time slot because of some very special programming. As most of the world knows, Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday. ITV has bumped the soap from the line-up to make room for a very special program paying tribute to the late queen in honor of her death.

The Sun goes on to note that Coronation Street is not being singled out. Several regularly scheduled programs that air on ITV have been canceled this week in honor of the queen’s passing. Some of the other shows that will not air new episodes include This MorningLoose Women, and Emmerdale.

Queen Elizabeth - YouTube
Queen Elizabeth – YouTube

At 8:30 p.m, ITV is slated to air a very special program called Queen Elizabeth II – The Longest Reign. The special program will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth as the holder of the longest reign in British history. Out of respect for the late Queen, ITV has also halted all commercial breaks as well. Likewise, the network is expected to cancel new episodes of some programs over the weekend too including The Masked Dancer.

Fortunately, a new episode of Coronation Street should air next Friday night on ITV during the show’s usual timeslot at 8 p.m. So, fans of the soap won’t have to wait too long for a new episode. Were you bummed a new episode of the soap didn’t air tonight? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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