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Lifetime’s ‘Are My Friends Killers?’ Reveals Secrets On Campus

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There is nothing like a Lifetime campus thriller, and LMN’s Are My Friends Killers? promises to bring on some dangerous acquaintances.

This chiller stars Jalina Brown (Date With Destiny, The RoomMates), Cami Storm (Blood Harvest, Condition Of Return), Jackie Kay (The Female Gaze, Children Of The Cloth), and Shaylaren Hilton (Pretty Please, The Wolf Delivers).

Ted Campbell (You Have The Right To Remain Violent, Underground), and Dick Lowry (By Appointment Only, Hidden Truth) wrote the script, with Ted Campbell (A Dangerous Defense, Student Seduction) directing.

What Is Lifetime’s Are My Friends Killers? About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, life has been very sad for Zoey. Her best friend, Lauren, was found dead in her apartment. She died of an apparent heart attack, and Zoey is devastated.

Mrs. Price wants to keep her daughter’s memory alive. Therefore, she offers to place Zoey at the same college Lauren attended. Best of all, she will be covering her tuition.

This is unbelievable! Zoey is both grateful and shocked at the same time. But, she does gracefully accept the offer.

However, when Zoey arrives on campus, things get a little crazy. First, She meets Samantha and David. They invite her to join “The Select.” This is an elite campus club where they are both members.

When Mrs. Price checks on Zoey, she zones in on The Select. She is convinced that they are responsible for killing her daughter. Moreover, she asks Zoey to investigate them.

Zoey is not so sure. She is unwilling to believe her new friends are capable of such a thing. Although Zoey reluctantly agrees to investigate the club, she is not convinced that there is anything. That is until her life is put in danger!   Lifetime-Are My Friends Killers?-

Lifetime-Are My Friends Killers?-

When Can You Watch Are My Friends Killers? On LMN?

The premiere of Lifetime’s Are My Friends Killers? is on Friday, September 9, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Start Early With Lifetime’s Dying To Belong

Start out your Lifetime viewing party with Dying To Belong. This airs on Friday, September 9, at 6 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

Dying To Belong stars Favour Onwuka (Trigger Me), Jenika Rose (Crimson Point,), Shannen Doherty (Charmed), June B. Wilde (Presence Of Love), Karen Holness (The Christmas Promise), Jamie Kaler (Tacoma FD), Veronica Long (Advice To Love By, A Little Daytime Drama), Heidi Bauman (Gone Mom), William Matzhold (Superman And Lois), Jamila Hall ( Hannah Swensen Mysteries), Jackie Wong (Best Self), Madeleine Steuart (Sidewalkers), Sebastian Greaves ( Time For You To Come Home For Christmas), Synto D. Misati (Firefly Lane), and Halle Galloway (The Twilight Zone).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Olivia (Onwuka) is a journalism major. At school, she meets Riley (Rose), a shy freshman who suffers from anxiety. Soon, they become fast friends. Riley, whose mother Katherine (Doherty) was a legacy Pi Gamma Beta, decides to rush in hopes of following Katherine’s footsteps and is ecstatic when Olivia joins her.

Olivia decides to go undercover to write a story about hazing practices. However, she soon discovers there are deadly secrets involved in being part of the “sisterhood.” Will she survive long enough to expose the danger?

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