Jenna Johnson Reacts To Her Spouse’s ‘DWTS’ Season 31 Partner

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Jenna Johnson isn’t competing in DWTS Season 31 this year, but she’s more than happy to cheer her husband on from home. The 28-year-old dancer is expecting her first child with her husband and castmate, Val Chmerkovskiy.

Good Morning America revealed the official Season 31 cast list this morning. It appears that Val will compete alongside The Bachelorette star Gabby Windey. So what exactly does Jenna think about Val’s new partner? Keep reading to get the latest scoop.

Jenna Johnson believes Val & Gabby have what it takes to win it all

For two years in a row, Jenna Johnson and her celebrity partners came in second place on Dancing With The Stars. But this year, things are a little different. Jenna is at home, preparing to welcome her son this winter.

Jenna Johnson from YouTube
Jenna Johnson/YouTube

But she can’t wait to watch Val compete with Gabby Windey onscreen.

“I’m just the spouse now,” Jenna told Us Weekly this week. “I just get to be supportive.”

For the first time in several years, it’s Jenna’s turn to just have fun and not stress out about the competition. But she can’t wait to see what Gabby brings to the table.

Val Chmerkovskiy & Gabby Windey from Instagram
Val Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

“I had to tell [Val] who she was [at first] because obviously I’m a massive Bachelor fan,” she continued. “I think that they are going to be perfect together on the show.”

The 28-year-old dancer has had a chance to see Val and Gabby in action. She’s excited to see what fans will think too.

“I love her personality,” Jenna said about The Bachelorette star. “I love her work ethic and I think their banter is gonna be hysterical ‘cause he’s suave and she just like real so I think it’s gonna be hysterical. I just know from their little progress of rehearsing already before the premiere that they are ready and she’s in it to win it.”

This is Val’s first time working with a Bachelor Nation personality

Many DWTS fans are pleasantly surprised to see Val return to the ballroom this year. He previously said Season 30 was his last after competing with Olivia Jade.

“The excitement that Val has when he comes home after rehearsal has just been so fun to see and so inspiring,” Jenna told Us Weekly. “Like he has somebody that’s capable of going all the way, you know? So I cannot wait. He’s never had anybody from Bachelor Nation and I’m like, ‘Oh, get ready, they are committed and they love their people on the show.’”

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Hannah Brown are former Bachelorettes who also took home the Mirroball Trophies in their seasons. Could Gabby be next?

Who do you think will win DWTS Season 31? Be sure to share who you’re cheering for in the comments. Tune into the Season 31 premiere starting September 19 and check back for more inside details!

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