Savannah Chrisley Is Finally Letting Go, Of What?

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram

Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram on the Tuesday morning following Labor Day of 2022 with a powerful message. Her powerful message was followed up with an equally powerful question for her 2.6 Million followers. Attached to her post was a slideshow featuring photos of herself and her friends living their best lives. What did Todd Chrisley have to say on Instagram first thing in the morning that her followers were so inspired by?

Savannah Chrisley attaches powerful message to slideshow

The reality TV princess tells her 2.6M followers she’s trying to soak up every moment of her life and live as intentionally as possible. Savannah explains that she’s doing what she can to work on letting go of things she can’t control instead of allowing them to rule her life.

Living in the moment…letting go of the things I can’t control and focusing on the things I can.”

Savannah Chrisley Plans To Teach Her Children Looks Matter? [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

What is Savannah Chrisley letting go of?

Being both rich and beautiful with nearly 3M followers on Instagram, fans wonder what Savannah Chrisley could have that she needs to “let go” of. While it hasn’t been confirmed one way or the other, fans are relatively sure Savannah and her boyfriend Nic Kerdiles are no longer together. They both seem to be doing their own things right now based on their social media activity. And, Savannah has been going on vacations without him which is a pretty big sign they are no longer together.

Likewise, Savannah’s parents are also on house arrest as they await their sentencing after being convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion. Fans speculate Savannah will step in and take care of her brother Grayson and her sister/niece Chloe if her parents end up behind bars. Likewise, Todd has already told fans Savannah and Chase would take over the podcast and keep fans updated.

She leaves her followers with an inspiring question

For Todd Chrisley’s daughter, it isn’t just enough to live her best life soaking up every moment she can. She also wants to inspire her followers to do the same. So, she concluded her empowering post with an inspirational question.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

She penned ending her caption with a red heart emoji: “Are you trying to be more intentional with your life? Would love to know how! Intentionality is key.”

Here’s how some of Savannah’s followers responded to her empowering post:

  • “Love the vibe savannah!”
  • “Intention is the key”
  • “I am starting to get in the habit of planning at least one step a day towards my goals and dreams…being intentional to at least force myself to take action every day.”

Overall, Chrisley Knows Best fans were HERE for the vibes Savannah was sending with this particular Instagram post.


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