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‘Love It Or List It’ Season 19: Premiere Date Fast Approaching

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The Premiere Date for HGTV’s Love It Or List It Season 19 is fast approaching. What exactly is the release date for the Season 19 Premiere? Where can HGTV fans stream the new season? And, what do fans have to look forward to from the new season? Keep reading for all the details.

Love It Or List It Season 19: Premiere Date

HGTV viewers that happen to be fans of Love It Or List It won’t have to wait long as the premiere date for Season 19 is less than a week away. The air date for the first episode of the new season is September 12 at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV. Now, the biggest question fans of the series have about the new season is simple: What streaming options are available? And, where can you stream older episodes?

Streaming Options For HGTV Series

As fans of Love It Or List It know, each episode of the series is a stand-alone episode. Basically, this means this isn’t a series you have to watch previous episodes or catch every season to know what is going on. Each episode starts the journey of a new client and the end of the episode brings the journey to a close. A lot of shows on HGTV are like this and that’s part of the reason why fans enjoy them.

HGTV - YouTube
HGTV – YouTube

If you happen to be looking for a way to binge through old episodes while waiting for the Season 19 Premiere, you will be happy to know there are TONS of options. Older episodes of the series are available for streaming via Hulu Tv, Fubo Tv, Vudo Tv, HGTV, and Discovery+. Most of the previously mentioned streaming platforms will also be options for watching Season 19. HGTV fans will be able to use Fubu TV, HULU Live TV, Sling TV, YouTube TV, HGTV Go, or Discovery+ to stream Season 19.

What To Expect From Love It Or List It Season 19

HGTV fans should expect the same general idea for Love It Or List It Season 19. Here is the official description of the series from HGTV’s website:

While interior designer Hilary Farr gives the old home a major facelift, real estate agent David Visentin is always on the lookout for new properties.

As fans know, Hilary Farr will be given a budget that she will use to transform their current house while David Visentin is also given a budget to go out and find the home of their dreams. The show pits Hilary and David against each other for a bit of healthy competition.

HGTV - YouTube
HGTV – YouTube

David Visentin did do an interview with Cheddar News recently about the upcoming season of Love It Or List It and what to expect. The realtor admitted the housing market was a bit unstable right now and it wasn’t an easy time to be in his profession.

…houses have become really expensive and they’re selling very fast, sometimes at a lower price than listed. By the time, someone visits the house, there is a chance that it has already been sold.

The issues within the housing market will cause problems for Hilary and David. But, fans suspect it could create an interesting new dynamic to keep the show exciting to watch.

Are you looking forward to the Season 19 Premiere of Love It Or List It? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more HGTV news.

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