What Do Fans Predict For ‘Sister Wives’ Season 17?

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Season 17 of Sister Wives starts in less than a week. A big focus will be on the progression of Christine actually leaving the plural family. Though a few trailers have dropped, there is still so much left to see and anticipate. Now, fans are speculating what will happen this year. Here are some of their predictions and they all make a lot of sense based on the family’s track record.

Janelle Brown Following Christine Brown Out Of Sister Wives?

This has been a popular theory for a few seasons now. Janelle and patriarch, Kody have come to blows since the pandemic started and it only got worse. Finally, he admitted that he was not in love with her during the Season 16 tell-all. Since then, Janelle has been spending a lot of time with her former sister wife, Christine. They have joined forces in an MLM, are making a lot of money, and Janelle has been traveling extensively. According to Entertainment Chronicle, Janelle is also claiming that Kody no longer acts like a husband. Yet this is something he has not done for a while now. When Covid hit, he rarely came around and when he did, he stayed outside and as far from his family as he could.

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Christine, Janelle

There is also the prediction that first wife Meri is headed on her way out. She has apparently been spending a lot of time in Utah. Granted, that is where her bed and breakfast is located. Plus, she is crazy busy living her best life with her LuLaRoe business. One fan had this to say: “Cody is in a monogamous relationship with Robyn. Mary lives in Utah in her “B &B” but rents a house in Arizona when they’re filming. Janelle lives in an RV on their land. Christine booked it to Utah and is living her best life. There I saved you a season.”

Will Kody Build & What About Robyn?

Some fans are at the point where they do not believe the Sister Wives star will build his lots anymore. There was one prediction that Kody might try to propose the one-family home again. It would be far easier with fewer kids and no Christine. After all, she was the one who was most against it. However, it is doubtful they would all be able to live under one roof. As for Robyn, she maintained last season that she never wanted monogamy. Yet, she and Kody have looked like the most monogamous couple ever. They were filmed at a bar dancing together, something he has not done with his other wives.

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It is believed that the other wives will finally call Kody out for how he favored Robyn over everyone else. The fans are actually ready for him and Robyn to just admit that they are no longer polygamous but then they’d lose their paycheck. As for now, they will just pretend to be happy together or cordial for the time being. These predictions seem to be more hopeful than anything. Then again, no one actually believed that Christine would ever leave.

What do you think of these guesses? Let us know and watch Season 17 of Sister Wives premiering September 11 on TLC.

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