Why Fans Think Matthew Lawrence CHEATED On Cheryl Burke

Matthew Lawrence and Cheryl Burke from E!

Dancing With The Stars pro Cheryl Burke and actor Matthew Lawrence are definitely over. However, neither party has said much about the reasons behind their split. In fact, they’re both opting for an uncontested, speedy divorce right now.

But that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the reasons behind their split. A new video recently led some fans to believe that the Boy Meets World actor might have cheated on his wife. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Cheryl Burke points fingers in a new TikTok video

Matthew Lawrence and Cheryl Burke are both living as single people at this point and are free to see who they want. Cheryl previously admitted she’s dating around. Meanwhile, some fans believe that Matthew Lawrence is now romantically involved with TLC singer Chilli.

But is it possible that Matthew stepped out on the relationship while they were still happily married?

Cheryl Burke and Matthew Lawrence from Show Us Your Pets On YouTube
Cheryl Burke & Matthew Lawrence/Show Us Your Pets

Cheryl’s TikTok video is only seven seconds long, but it’s pretty telling.

“When he said he would never talk to her again yet I found text messages, viagra, and a necklace hidden in a pair of his shoes…” the 38-year-old dancer captioned the video.

Cheryl Burke from TikTok
Cheryl Burke/TikTok

She didn’t specifically say the video was about Matthew. Many of Cheryl’s TikTok followers pointed out that she’s had many exes and it could be about literally any of them. However, fans can’t help but wonder if the DWTS pro actually is calling out Matthew Lawrence here.

Until either party sheds light on the reasons behind the split, fans can only speculate from here.

Do you think Matthew Lawrence cheated? Who else could Cheryl be talking about in the video? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

Is the dancer hoping to hook up with her Season 31 partner?

Cheryl Burke is definitely ready to move on from her marriage with Matthew Lawrence. But who will her next partner be? On a recent episode of Burke In The Game, Cheryl and The Bachelor star Nick Viall discussed the possibility of finding love in the ballroom.

It’s quite easy for pro dancers and celebrity partners to feel cozy while preparing for the competition. And after several seasons, Cheryl knows that showmances don’t often work out. Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella seem to be the exception to that rule.

“Chemistry might be manufactured by the environment, a common connection … so you recognize that being in this environment creates this natural chemistry, so next time you go in, if you do Dancing With The Stars and you start feeling chemistry, the first thing you should tell yourself is ‘I don’t know if this is [real].’ Believe it, but I would have some skepticism around it,” Nick cautioned Cheryl. She seemed to sincerely take his words to heart as she vowed to protect herself from getting hurt again.

Dancing With The Stars Season 31 arrives on Disney+ starting September 19. Stay tuned for more updates!

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